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Powerpoint research paper

Mla powerpoint researched paper

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J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biographical Sketch. Mla Powerpoint Paper? John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (1892-1973) was a major scholar of the reflective English language, specialising in Old and Middle English. Twice Professor of Anglo-Saxon (Old English) at mla powerpoint researched the University of Oxford, he also wrote a number of stories, including most famously The Hobbit (1937) and The Lord of the Rings (1954-1955), which are set in a pre-historic era in an invented version of our world which he called by the Middle English name of Middle-earth. This was peopled by Men (and women), Elves, Dwarves, Trolls, Orcs (or Goblins) and of course Hobbits. He has regularly been condemned by the Eng. Lit. establishment, with honourable exceptions, but loved by literally millions of readers worldwide. In the 1960s he was taken up by many members of the nascent #8220;counter-culture#8221; largely because of leadership school essay, his concern with environmental issues. In 1997 he came top of three British polls, organised respectively by Channel 4 / Waterstone#8217;s, the mla powerpoint researched Folio Society, and SFX, the how to scouting report UK#8217;s leading science fiction media magazine, amongst discerning readers asked to vote for the greatest book of the 20th century.

Please note also that his name is paper, spelt Tolkien (there is no #8220;Tolkein#8221;). The name #8220;Tolkien#8221; (pron.: Tol-keen; equal stress on how to write a business report both syllables) is believed to be of German origin; Toll-kuhn: foolishly brave, or stupidly clever hence the pseudonym #8220;Oxymore#8221; which he occasionally used. His father#8217;s side of the family appears to have migrated from Saxony in the 18th century, but over the century and mla powerpoint researched paper a half before his birth had become thoroughly Anglicised. Photons? Certainly his father, Arthur Reuel Tolkien, considered himself nothing if not English. Arthur was a bank clerk, and went to South Africa in the 1890s for better prospects of promotion.

There he was joined by mla powerpoint, his bride, Mabel Suffield, whose family were not only English through and through, but West Midlands since time immemorial. So John Ronald (#8220;Ronald#8221; to family and how to a football report early friends) was born in mla powerpoint researched paper Bloemfontein, S.A., on 3 January 1892. His memories of Africa were slight but vivid, including a scary encounter with a large hairy spider, and influenced his later writing to some extent; slight, because on 15 February 1896 his father died, and he, his mother and his younger brother Hilary returned to England or more particularly, the West Midlands. Recent Papers Energy? The West Midlands in Tolkien#8217;s childhood were a complex mixture of the grimly industrial Birmingham conurbation, and the quintessentially rural stereotype of researched, England, Worcestershire and surrounding areas: Severn country, the land of the margaret essay composers Elgar, Vaughan Williams and Gurney, and more distantly the poet A. Mla Powerpoint Researched Paper? E. Housman (it is also just across the border from Wales). Tolkien#8217;s life was split between these two: the recent on solar then very rural hamlet of paper, Sarehole, with its mill, just south of Birmingham; and darkly urban Birmingham itself, where he was eventually sent to King Edward#8217;s School. By then the photons during family had moved to mla powerpoint paper, King#8217;s Heath, where the house backed onto a railway line young Ronald#8217;s developing linguistic imagination was engaged by the sight of coal trucks going to leadership reflective essay, and from South Wales bearing destinations like#8221; Nantyglo#8221;,#8221; Penrhiwceiber#8221; and #8220;Senghenydd#8221;. Mla Powerpoint? Then they moved to the somewhat more pleasant Birmingham suburb of Edgbaston. However, in the meantime, something of profound significance had occurred, which estranged Mabel and her children from both sides of the family: in 1900, together with her sister May, she was received into the Roman Catholic Church. From then on, both Ronald and Hilary were brought up in the faith of Pio Nono, and remained devout Catholics throughout their lives.

The parish priest who visited the day essay in english family regularly was the half-Spanish half-Welsh Father Francis Morgan. Tolkien family life was generally lived on the genteel side of poverty. However, the situation worsened in researched paper 1904, when Mabel Tolkien was diagnosed as having diabetes, usually fatal in those pre-insulin days. She died on 14 November of that year leaving the two orphaned boys effectively destitute. Write A Business Report? At this point Father Francis took over, and made sure of the boys#8217; material as well as spiritual welfare, although in the short term they were boarded with an mla powerpoint researched paper unsympathetic aunt-by-marriage, Beatrice Suffield, and then with a Mrs Faulkner. By this time Ronald was already showing remarkable linguistic gifts. Spelling Atwood Essay? He had mastered the Latin and mla powerpoint researched Greek which was the staple fare of an arts education at photons during photsynthesis that time, and was becoming more than competent in a number of other languages, both modern and mla powerpoint researched paper ancient, notably Gothic, and later Finnish. He was already busy making up his own languages, purely for fun. He had also made a number of close friends at King Edward#8217;s; in his later years at school they met regularly after hours as the #8220;T.

C. B. S.#8221; (Tea Club, Barrovian Society, named after their meeting place at the Barrow Stores) and they continued to correspond closely and how to a football exchange and criticise each other#8217;s literary work until 1916. However, another complication had arisen. Amongst the lodgers at Mrs Faulkner#8217;s boarding house was a young woman called Edith Bratt. When Ronald was 16, and she 19, they struck up a friendship, which gradually deepened. Eventually Father Francis took a hand, and forbade Ronald to see or even correspond with Edith for three years, until he was 21. Ronald stoically obeyed this injunction to the letter.

In the paper summer of 1911, he was invited to join a party on a walking holiday in Switzerland, which may have inspired his descriptions of the Misty Mountains, and of Rivendell. Photons During Photsynthesis? In the autumn of that year he went up to Exeter College, Oxford where he stayed, immersing himself in the Classics, Old English, the Germanic languages (especially Gothic), Welsh and Finnish, until 1913, when he swiftly though not without difficulty picked up the mla powerpoint threads of his relationship with Edith. He then obtained a disappointing second class degree in Honour Moderations, the #8220;midway#8221; stage of a 4-year Oxford #8220;Greats#8221; (i.e. Classics) course, although with an #8220;alpha plus#8221; in philology. As a result of this he changed his school from Classics to the more congenial English Language and Literature. One of the poems he discovered in the course of his Old English studies was the Crist of Cynewulf he was amazed especially by how to write report, the cryptic couplet: Eala Earendel engla beorhtast. Ofer middangeard monnum sended. Which translates as: Hail Earendel brightest of angels, over Middle Earth sent to men. (#8220; Middangeard #8221; was an ancient expression for the everyday world between Heaven above and Hell below.) This inspired some of his very early and inchoate attempts at realising a world of mla powerpoint paper, ancient beauty in his versifying. In the summer of 1913 he took a job as tutor and escort to two Mexican boys in Dinard, France, a job which ended in tragedy. Though no fault of Ronald#8217;s, it did nothing to counter his apparent predisposition against France and spelling essay things French. Meanwhile the relationship with Edith was going more smoothly.

She converted to Catholicism and moved to Warwick, which with its spectacular castle and beautiful surrounding countryside made a great impression on Ronald. However, as the pair were becoming ever closer, the nations were striving ever more furiously together, and war eventually broke out in August 1914. Unlike so many of his contemporaries, Tolkien did not rush to join up immediately on the outbreak of war, but returned to Oxford, where he worked hard and researched finally achieved a first-class degree in June 1915. At this time he was also working on various poetic attempts, and on his invented languages, especially one that he came to call Qenya [ sic ], which was heavily influenced by papers energy, Finnish but he still felt the lack of a connecting thread to bring his vivid but disparate imaginings together. Tolkien finally enlisted as a second lieutenant in mla powerpoint researched paper the Lancashire Fusiliers whilst working on ideas of Earendel [ sic ] the Mariner, who became a star, and his journeyings. For many months Tolkien was kept in boring suspense in England, mainly in Staffordshire. Finally it appeared that he must soon embark for France, and he and Edith married in Warwick on 22 March 1916. Eventually he was indeed sent to active duty on photons the Western Front, just in mla powerpoint researched paper time for the Somme offensive. After four months in and out write a football, of the mla powerpoint researched paper trenches, he succumbed to #8220;trench fever#8221;, a form of typhus-like infection common in the insanitary conditions, and in early November was sent back to England, where he spent the how to write scouting next month in hospital in Birmingham. By Christmas he had recovered sufficiently to researched paper, stay with Edith at Great Haywood in Staffordshire. During these last few months, all but one of his close friends of the #8220;T.

C. B. How To Write A Business Report? S.#8221; had been killed in mla powerpoint paper action. Partly as an act of piety to their memory, but also stirred by how to, reaction against his war experiences, he had already begun to put his stories into mla powerpoint, shape, #8220; … in huts full of recent energy, blasphemy and smut, or by candle light in bell-tents, even some down in dugouts under shell fire #8221; [ Letters 66]. This ordering of his imagination developed into the Book of Lost Tales (not published in paper his lifetime), in which most of the major stories of the Silmarillion appear in their first form: tales of the Elves and the #8220;Gnomes#8221;, (i. Reflective? e. Deep Elves, the later Noldor), with their languages Qenya and Goldogrin. Here are found the first recorded versions of the wars against Morgoth, the siege and fall of Gondolin and Nargothrond, and the tales of Turin and of Beren and Luthien. Throughout 1917 and 1918 his illness kept recurring, although periods of remission enabled him to do home service at various camps sufficiently well to be promoted to lieutenant. It was when he was stationed in the Hull area that he and Edith went walking in the woods at nearby Roos, and there in a grove thick with hemlock Edith danced for him. This was the inspiration for the tale of Beren and Luthien, a recurrent theme in his #8220;Legendarium#8221;. He came to paper, think of Edith as #8220;Luthien#8221; and himself as #8220;Beren#8221;. Their first son, John Francis Reuel (later Father John Tolkien) had already been born on 16 November 1917. When the Armistice was signed on 11 November 1918, Tolkien had already been putting out feelers to spelling, obtain academic employment, and by the time he was demobilised he had been appointed Assistant Lexicographer on researched paper the New English Dictionary (the #8220;Oxford English Dictionary#8221;), then in preparation. While doing the serious philological work involved in this, he also gave one of his Lost Tales its first public airing he read The Fall of Gondolin to the Exeter College Essay Club, where it was well received by an audience which included Neville Coghill and airman leadership school reflective Hugo Dyson, two future #8220;Inklings#8221;.

However, Tolkien did not stay in this job for long. In the summer of 1920 he applied for the quite senior post of Reader (approximately, Associate Professor) in mla powerpoint English Language at the University of write report, Leeds, and to his surprise was appointed. At Leeds as well as teaching he collaborated with E. Mla Powerpoint Researched? V. Gordon on the famous edition of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight , and continued writing and refining The Book of energy, Lost Tales and his invented #8220;Elvish#8221; languages. In addition, he and Gordon founded a #8220;Viking Club#8221; for mla powerpoint, undergraduates devoted mainly to reading Old Norse sagas and drinking beer. It was for this club that he and Gordon originally wrote their Songs for the Philologists , a mixture of traditional songs and original verses translated into Old English, Old Norse and Gothic to during photsynthesis, fit traditional English tunes. Leeds also saw the birth of two more sons: Michael Hilary Reuel in October 1920, and Christopher Reuel in 1924. Then in 1925 the Rawlinson and Bosworth Professorship of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford fell vacant; Tolkien successfully applied for the post.

Professor Tolkien, The Inklings and Hobbits. In a sense, in returning to Oxford as a Professor, Tolkien had come home. Although he had few illusions about the academic life as a haven of researched, unworldly scholarship (see for example Letters 250), he was nevertheless by temperament a don#8217;s don, and fitted extremely well into the largely male world of teaching, research, the comradely exchange of ideas and occasional publication. In fact, his academic publication record is very sparse, something that would have been frowned upon in these days of quantitative personnel evaluation. However, his rare scholarly publications were often extremely influential, most notably his lecture #8220;Beowulf, the Monsters and the Critics#8221;. His seemingly almost throwaway comments have sometimes helped to photons, transform the understanding of a particular field for example, in his essay on mla powerpoint researched #8220;English and Welsh#8221;, with its explanation of the origins of the term #8220;Welsh#8221; and its references to teachers, phonaesthetics (both these pieces are collected in The Monsters and the Critics and researched Other Essays , currently in print). His academic life was otherwise largely unremarkable. In 1945 he changed his chair to the Merton Professorship of English Language and Literature, which he retained until his retirement in 1959. Apart from all the above, he taught undergraduates, and photons photsynthesis played an important but unexceptional part in academic politics and administration. His family life was equally straightforward. Edith bore their last child and mla powerpoint paper only daughter, Priscilla, in 1929.

Tolkien got into the habit of writing the children annual illustrated letters as if from Santa Claus, and a selection of margaret atwood essay, these was published in 1976 as The Father Christmas Letters . He also told them numerous bedtime stories, of which more anon. In adulthood John entered the priesthood, Michael and Christopher both saw war service in the Royal Air Force. Afterwards Michael became a schoolmaster and Christopher a university lecturer, and Priscilla became a social worker. They lived quietly in North Oxford, and mla powerpoint paper later Ronald and Edith lived in the suburb of Headington. However, Tolkien#8217;s social life was far from unremarkable.

He soon became one of the founder members of a loose grouping of Oxford friends (by no means all at the University) with similar interests, known as #8220;The Inklings#8221;. The origins of the name were purely facetious it had to do with writing, and how to write a business report sounded mildly Anglo-Saxon; there was no evidence that members of the group claimed to have an #8220;inkling#8221; of the Divine Nature, as is sometimes suggested. Other prominent members included the researched paper above-mentioned Messrs Coghill and Dyson, as well as Owen Barfield, Charles Williams, and above all C. S. Lewis, who became one of Tolkien#8217;s closest friends, and for whose return to during, Christianity Tolkien was at least partly responsible. The Inklings regularly met for conversation, drink, and frequent reading from their work-in-progress. Meanwhile Tolkien continued developing his mythology and paper languages.

As mentioned above, he told his children stories, some of which he developed into those published posthumously as Mr. Bliss , Roverandom , etc. However, according to leadership essay, his own account, one day when he was engaged in mla powerpoint researched paper the soul-destroying task of airman essay, marking examination papers, he discovered that one candidate had left one page of an answer-book blank. On this page, moved by who knows what anarchic daemon, he wrote #8220; In a hole in mla powerpoint the ground there lived a hobbit #8220;. In typical Tolkien fashion, he then decided he needed to find out what a Hobbit was, what sort of recent papers, a hole it lived in, why it lived in paper a hole, etc. From this investigation grew a tale that he told to his younger children, and even passed round. In 1936 an incomplete typescript of it came into spelling atwood, the hands of researched, Susan Dagnall, an employee of the publishing firm of George Allen and Unwin (merged in 1990 with HarperCollins). She asked Tolkien to finish it, and presented the complete story to Stanley Unwin, the then Chairman of the firm. He tried it out on his 10-year old son Rayner, who wrote an approving report, and how to a football it was published as The Hobbit in 1937. It immediately scored a success, and has not been out of children#8217;s recommended reading lists ever since.

It was so successful that Stanley Unwin asked if he had any more similar material available for publication. By this time Tolkien had begun to make his Legendarium into what he believed to be a more presentable state, and as he later noted, hints of researched paper, it had already made their way into The Hobbit . He was now calling the full account Quenta Silmarillion , or Silmarillion for short. He presented some of photons during, his #8220;completed#8221; tales to researched paper, Unwin, who sent them to how to report layout, his reader. The reader#8217;s reaction was mixed: dislike of the poetry and researched paper praise for the prose (the material was the story of Beren and Luthien) but the spelling overall decision at paper the time was that these were not commercially publishable. Unwin tactfully relayed this message to Tolkien, but asked him again if he was willing to write a sequel to The Hobbit . Day Essay In English? Tolkien was disappointed at the apparent failure of The Silmarillion , but agreed to take up the challenge of researched paper, #8220;The New Hobbit#8221;. This soon developed into something much more than a children#8217;s story; for how to write scouting report, the highly complex 16-year history of what became The Lord of the Rings consult the works listed below.

Suffice it to mla powerpoint paper, say that the now adult Rayner Unwin was deeply involved in the later stages of this opus, dealing magnificently with a dilatory and how to write a football report temperamental author who, at one stage, was offering the whole work to a commercial rival (which rapidly backed off when the scale and mla powerpoint nature of the package became apparent). It is thanks to Rayner Unwin#8217;s advocacy that we owe the fact that this book was published at all Andave laituvalmes ! His father#8217;s firm decided to incur the probable loss of ?1,000 for the succes d#8217;estime , and publish it under the title of recent, The Lord of the researched Rings in three parts during 1954 and 1955, with USA rights going to Houghton Mifflin. It soon became apparent that both author and publishers had greatly underestimated the work#8217;s public appeal. The Lord of the Rings rapidly came to public notice. Teachers Day Essay In English? It had mixed reviews, ranging from the ecstatic (W. Mla Powerpoint? H. Auden, C. S. Lewis) to the damning (E. Wilson, E. Recent? Muir, P. Toynbee) and just about everything in between. The BBC put on a drastically condensed radio adaptation in 12 episodes on the Third Programme. In 1956 radio was still a dominant medium in Britain, and the Third Programme was the #8220;intellectual#8221; channel. Mla Powerpoint Researched? So far from losing money, sales so exceeded the break-even point as to teachers in english, make Tolkien regret that he had not taken early retirement. However, this was still based only upon hardback sales.

The really amazing moment was when The Lord of the Rings went into a pirated paperback version in researched paper 1965. Firstly, this put the book into the impulse-buying category; and teachers in english secondly, the publicity generated by the copyright dispute alerted millions of American readers to the existence of something outside their previous experience, but which appeared to speak to their condition. By 1968 The Lord of the mla powerpoint Rings had almost become the Bible of the #8220;Alternative Society#8221;. This development produced mixed feelings in the author. On the one hand, he was extremely flattered, and to his amazement, became rather rich. On the other, he could only deplore those whose idea of a great trip was to ingest The Lord of the Rings and LSD simultaneously. Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick had similar experiences with 2001: A Space Odyssey . Fans were causing increasing problems; both those who came to gawp at his house and those, especially from California who telephoned at 7 p.m. (their time 3 a.m. How To Write Scouting Report? his), to demand to know whether Frodo had succeeded or failed in the Quest, what was the preterite of Quenyan lanta -, or whether or not Balrogs had wings. So he changed addresses, his telephone number went ex-directory, and eventually he and Edith moved to Bournemouth, a pleasant but uninspiring South Coast resort (Hardy#8217;s #8220;Sandbourne#8221;), noted for the number of its elderly well-to-do residents. Meanwhile the cult, not just of Tolkien, but of the fantasy literature that he had revived, if not actually inspired (to his dismay), was really taking off but that is another story, to be told in mla powerpoint another place. Despite all the fuss over The Lord of the Rings , between 1925 and his death Tolkien did write and publish a number of other articles, including a range of scholarly essays, many reprinted in The Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays (see above); one Middle-earth related work, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil ; editions and translations of Middle English works such as the Ancrene Wisse , Sir Gawain , Sir Orfeo and day essay The Pearl , and some stories independent of the Legendarium, such as the Imram , The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth Beorhthelm#8217;s Son , The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun and, especially, Farmer Giles of Ham , Leaf by Niggle , and Smith of Wootton Major . The flow of publications was only temporarily slowed by mla powerpoint researched, Tolkien#8217;s death.

The long-awaited Silmarillion , edited by Christopher Tolkien, appeared in 1977. How To? In 1980 Christopher also published a selection of his father#8217;s incomplete writings from his later years under the title of Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-earth . In the introduction to this work Christopher Tolkien referred in passing to The Book of Lost Tales , #8220;itself a very substantial work, of the utmost interest to one concerned with the origins of Middle-earth, but requiring to mla powerpoint paper, be presented in a lengthy and complex study, if at all#8221; ( Unfinished Tales , p. 6, paragraph 1). Leadership School Reflective Essay? The sales of The Silmarillion had rather taken George Allen Unwin by surprise, and those of Unfinished Tales even more so. Obviously, there was a market even for this relatively abstruse material and they decided to mla powerpoint, risk embarking on this #8220;lengthy and complex study#8221;. Even more lengthy and complex than expected, the resulting 12 volumes of the History of Middle-earth , under Christopher#8217;s editorship, proved to be a successful enterprise. (Tolkien#8217;s publishers had changed hands, and names, several times between the start of the enterprise in 1983 and the appearance of the paperback edition of Volume 12, The Peoples of Middle-earth , in recent papers on solar energy 1997.) After his retirement in 1959 Edith and researched Ronald moved to Bournemouth. On 29 November 1971 Edith died, and spelling margaret Ronald soon returned to Oxford, to rooms provided by paper, Merton College. Ronald died on 2 September 1973. In English? He and Edith are buried together in a single grave in the Catholic section of researched, Wolvercote cemetery in photons photsynthesis the northern suburbs of Oxford. (The grave is well signposted from the entrance.) The legend on the headstone reads: Edith Mary Tolkien, Luthien, 1889-1971.

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, Beren, 1892-1973. Tolkien: A Biography . Humphrey Carpenter. Mla Powerpoint Researched? Allen and Unwin, London, 1977. Letters of J.R.R. Margaret Atwood? Tolkien . Ed. Humphrey Carpenter with Christopher Tolkien. George Allen and researched Unwin, London, 1981.

The Tolkien Family Album . John Tolkien and scouting Priscilla Tolkien. HarperCollins, London, 1992. #8220; Tolkien, John Ronald Reuel (1892-1973). #8221; T. A. Researched? Shippey. Write Report? Oxford Dictionary of National Biography , Oxford University Press. Print 2004. Online 2006. (Also available as a podcast.) The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and mla powerpoint researched Guide . Wayne G. Hammond and teachers in english Christina Scull. HarperCollins, London, 2006. Paper? 2 vols. President in recent energy perpetuo : Prof. J.R.R. Tolkien CBE.

Vice President: Priscilla Tolkien. The Tolkien Society is a registered charity (registration no 273809) in mla powerpoint researched paper England and Wales.

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Leonard Cohen Albums From Worst To Best. Several years ago, The Atlantic published a controversial essay by a healthy, middle-aged oncologist who hoped to researched die at 75. Among his reasons — the pain and photons, physical deterioration that accompanies old age, a disinterest in subjecting himself to mla powerpoint researched the modern desperation to airman leadership school reflective extend life at all costs — was an interesting meditation on the slowing of creativity. The author, Dr. Researched Paper! Ezekiel J. Emanuel, suggests “some deep underlying biological determinism” accounting for this decline. “The fact is that by 75,” Emanuel argues, “creativity, originality, and productivity are pretty much gone for airman leadership school reflective the vast, vast majority of us.” Leonard Cohen must have never read it. Or he was the researched paper, ultimate outlier. His late-in-life creative renaissance was largely unparalleled. During the final years of his astounding career — as he neared and then surpassed the atwood essay, age of 80 — Cohen published a book of mla powerpoint poetry, toured the whole goddamn world (his first such tour since 1993), headlined Coachella, completed his first new album in seven years, toured the world yet again , and then released two more albums of excellent quality just two years apart. Spelling Margaret! And he kept at it until the mla powerpoint researched paper, very end. You Want It Darker , Cohen’s final release, a great and in english, moving album that lives up to its title in mla powerpoint researched, all sorts of ways, appeared on 10/21.

The artist died on spelling atwood essay, 11/7. It is difficult to conceive of researched paper any great songwriter who stared down death, decline, or the dulling of the creative mind with more humor and photons photsynthesis, fury and researched, strength than Leonard Cohen. Like many fans, I keep returning to that New Yorker profile, in which Cohen tells David Remnick, “I am ready to die. I hope it’s not too uncomfortable. That’s about it for me.” Read it again: That’s about it for me . As if his body of work were something trivial and small, as if his life and career were just a little blip. (Cohen’s unfailing modesty was always a part of his charm.) To the contrary, the during, songwriter released 14 studio albums of mla powerpoint paper remarkable quality and stylistic range spread across five decades of history. How To Write Scouting Report! Two of them are indisputable masterpieces, and all of them are worth owning. (Well, maybe except one — we’ll get to that.) And now, as we grapple with a scary world made scarier by mla powerpoint researched paper, a president-elect who’ll remain nameless, we will need Leonard Cohen’s music as much as ever — its gloomy solace, its humor and spelling atwood essay, grace in the face of horror, its stark and distinctly Jewish awareness of mla powerpoint paper history and oppression. One quick note: I wrote this feature, or most of during photsynthesis it, in October, during the weeks after Leonard Cohen told The New Yorker that he was ready to die but before his premonition came true. I knew he was grappling with his mortality.

I did not know it would come so soon. Mla Powerpoint Researched Paper! And I did not plan for this to be published in memoriam. So I have made some small changes — sadly but inevitably converting verbs from the present to the past tense — but have otherwise kept it the a football scouting, same. Researched Paper! This feature is not a reflection on his death. It is photons, a celebration of his life’s work. In 2004, Leonard Cohen made plans to name his new release Old Ideas . He scratched that title before using it for a very different album in 2012, which is mla powerpoint paper, perhaps a shame — it would have been a telling title to attach to Dear Heather , an odd little album that blurs the line between new LP and rarities collection. It’s an unusually scattered release, with lingering ties to how to write a business layout previous projects. Paper! Some ideas are in fact very much old: There are several Ten New Songs rejects, one tepid Recent Songs castaway (“The Faith”), and how to layout, a performance of a country standard that was recorded live way back in researched paper, 1985. Write Report! The song is “Tennessee Waltz,” and it’s not a particularly great recording, which makes its inclusion here seem like a particularly baffling afterthought.

Cohen never made an outright bad record, but Dear Heather is by mla powerpoint researched, far his most disjointed and unsatisfying work. Three tracks here were left aside from Ten New Songs , though only photons during, one of them (the darkly funny “The Letters,” which reprises the epistolary theme of paper “Famous Blue Raincoat”) is day essay, strong enough to have warranted inclusion. “On That Day,” an obviously new tune, addresses 9/11 directly, but the song is brief, its reflections feel perfunctory and noncommittal (“Some people say / It’s what we deserve”), and any dramatic momentum is felled by the goofy cadence of a Jew’s harp. (The instrument makes an irritating reemergence on “Nightingale,” a jaunty folk tune based around a melody by the late singer Carl Anderson.) Now for the good. Dear Heather has an mla powerpoint researched, experimental, free-form element that’s unique in the Cohen catalog. Margaret Essay! I’m Your Man and The Future had lots of unorthodox textures, but they were still composed of songs , in the most traditional sense. Researched! Dear Heather is different. It contains sketches, spoken monologues, loose interpretations of other artists’ work, a hymn.

On “To A Teacher” and “Because Of” — a funny, bizarre verse about women being “exceptionally kind to my old age” — Cohen recites poetry in a business report layout, a gruff murmur, seemingly oblivious to the homespun accompaniment that flutters around him. “Villanelle For Our Time” is a lovely spoken-word experiment in researched paper, which Cohen recites a poem by the late Montreal poet F. R. Scott. And the title track, in which our hero obsesses over day essay some woman’s white legs in emotionless unison with a female voice, is researched paper, perhaps the strangest thing he has ever recorded. What’s also strange is the antiseptic, muzak-y sheen of school reflective essay these arrangements. Paper! Cohen’s embrace of synthesizers was not a new development in 2004, but Dear Heather sounds almost comically sterile, like karaoke cassettes that somehow landed in the hands of Canada’s poet of darkness. In his “Hallelujah” book, Alan Light quotes a listener who thought Ten New Songs sounded “like a guy in how to a business report, the subway with a keyboard who decided to burn a CD.” Dear Heather somehow sounds even tackier, like novelty tunes crossbred with a poetry recital. Dear Heather was commonly assumed to be Cohen’s final album, which almost seems funny now in paper, retrospect. An AllMusic reviewer sensed “an air of write a football scouting report finality” in the record and, in a generous review, described it as “a fine, decent, and moving way to close this chapter of the book of his life.” Stylus Magazine (RIP) dissented but partook in the same morbid speculation, fearing that the record was “a particularly dour, unsatisfying way to end such an intriguing career.” Hearing Dear Heather in the mid-2000s, there was this sense that Cohen was finally slipping, that the old master might now lose his vitality.

It was hard to imagine he had much left, song-wise. At the time there really wasn’t any precedent for rock- and folk-era singers carrying on past 70, and this seemed a muddled note to go out on. And we were wrong. So, so wrong. Mla Powerpoint! This, perhaps, is Leonard Cohen’s greatest gift — proving us wrong, so many times. Recorded at how to write a football scouting, the absolute nadir of Cohen’s commercial career, Various Positions is researched, best remembered for a song that made virtually no impact in 1984 but became a global phenomenon some 17–20 years after its release.

As Saturday Night Live just demonstrated, it remains a phenomenon still today. Of course I’m referring to “Heart With No Companion” — I kid, I kid — OK, “Hallelujah.” The version recorded here, long before some freakish combination of Shrek and 9/11 immortalized the minor fall and the major lift, sounds tentative, a first draft that drowns the song’s stark emotional weight under reverb and studio cheese, which is pretty indicative of its parent album. Photsynthesis! Various Positions hints at Cohen’s remarkable embrace of synth-pop production but doesn’t quite commit. The track list features several unassailable classics and an unusually high proportion of forgettable tunes, if not outright filler. (After listening to mla powerpoint researched “The Captain” and “Hunter’s Lullaby” dozens of how to a football scouting times I can barely recall anything about paper them.) This is an album that inches toward reinvention but falls into recent papers on solar, the prototypical transition-album territory. In other words, it is more of mla powerpoint researched a pivotal Leonard Cohen album than a great Leonard Cohen album. Cohen reunited with erstwhile producer John Lissauer, but the result sounds nothing like New Skin For The Old Ceremony . The jazz flourishes have been supplanted by Cohen’s burgeoning interest in a football scouting report, synthesizers. Researched! The whole thing’s soaked in an ocean of reverb, making it immediately dated.

The production has that murky mid-’80s quality — the drums on “Coming Back To You” might as well have been recorded underwater — while Cohen’s voice is just beginning to deepen, a change he half-jokingly attributed to “50,000 cigarettes and how to write a business report, several swimming pools of whiskey.” Not yet the raspy husk it would become by 1992’s The Future , it is mla powerpoint, markedly lower and recent papers energy, heavier than on the early records. Anyway, enough about “Hallelujah.” The song’s journey from deep cut to modern spiritual psalm is as mysterious as anything in Cohen’s career. Alan Light’s book The Holy Or The Broken is a pretty exhaustive chronicle of the song, as well as a fascinating account of the Various Positions sessions. It’s a great song, and we could probably all do without ever hearing it again. (Though if you’ve only paper, known the Rufus Wainwright or Jeff Buckley renditions, Cohen’s recording is teachers in english, worth hearing and might make you grimace.) The real gem here is “Dance Me To The End Of Love,” a shimmering, Klezmer-flavored standout that finds beauty in the bleak environs of paper a concentration camp. The song’s tinny Casio and primitive drum machine ushered in a whole new musical vocabulary for photons Cohen, while also spotlighting co-vocalist Jennifer Warnes as an indispensable collaborator. Yet this material evidently didn’t move Walter Yetnikoff, president of researched Columbia Records. Report! The famous story is that Yetnikoff refused to release the researched paper, album and summoned Cohen to his office to tell him, “Look, we know you’re great, but we don’t know if you’re any good.” It was a crushing rejection. Write A Football! Cohen was forced to release Positions on an independent label Stateside, and according to Light’s book, Lissauer’s production career was basically squashed. Though he rebounded and had the mla powerpoint researched, last laugh with “Hallelujah,” Cohen only wound up releasing two albums during the 1980s. Fans might find it odd that I’ve ranked one of them quite high on this list (spoiler!) while ranking the other so low. Recent Papers Energy! But much of Various Positions feels like a dry run for I’m Your Man . It’s a lesser work on pretty much every scale — in production, in researched, songcraft, in vision. Day Essay! “Coming Back To You” is very good but dwarfed by “Ain’t No Cure For Love,” a bolder, better AOR mid-tempo seduction. “If It Be Your Will” is a strong hymn of devotion and surrender that hardly tops the researched, howl-at-your-beauty-like-a-dog-in-heat creepiness of recent papers “I’m Your Man.”

There is an alternate universe where “Hallelujah” languished forever in obscurity, where Various Positions was Cohen’s final album — or never released at all — and researched paper, he enjoyed a lengthy retirement, his commercial prospects finally dried up; a world where the singer might be about how to scouting as famous today as, say, Donovan or Jim Croce. Paper! I’m glad we do not live in that world. The producers of Shrek are glad we do not live in that world. On Solar Energy! And the two albums that followed Various Positions are reason enough to mla powerpoint researched be glad we don’t live in that world. The sophomore slump. It’s not bad, just…not nearly as good as the debut. Songs From A Room is a decent enough album that has the misfortune of falling squarely between Cohen’s great 1967 debut and his wrenching 1971 masterpiece. It is the least distinctive of Cohen’s early, folkie records, with an odd, austere vibe that spotlights stories about revolutionaries and teachers in english, biblical parables rather than the mla powerpoint paper, singer’s more romantic obsessions. Cohen had a longstanding interest in country music, so after an aborted session with David Cosby, he decamped to a farm outside of essay Nashville and hired Bob Johnston ( Blonde On Blonde ; Sounds Of Silence ) to be his producer. There is a slight country feel to recordings like “The Old Revolution” and “Tonight Will Be Fine,” with their jaunty tempos and root-fifth bass lines, though Cohen never commits to the stylistic guise as wholeheartedly as he would later try on doo-wop and synth-pop. Johnston’s arrangements are sparse but not spartan; one of his less successful experiments was incorporating a Jew’s harp that serves little melodic purpose beyond buzzing in the background.

Qualms aside, Cohen has always had a knack for choosing unimpeachable opening tracks — “Suzanne,” “Dance Me To The End Of Love,” “The Future” — and so this record begins with one of the pillars of his early songbook, “Bird On A Wire,” a live staple that packs maximal emotion into minimal imagery. Cohen famously wrote the track after seeing a bird on mla powerpoint, a phone wire when he was living on the Greek island of a football scouting report Hydra. It’s hard to top that, and paper, Songs From A Room never quite does, though there are definite gems like “The Partisan” (an eerie interpretation of spelling margaret atwood essay a French song about the World War II resistance movement), “The Butcher” (biblical imagery side-by-side with heroin), and “Seems So Long Ago, Nancy” (a tribute to a disturbed young acquaintance who committed suicide a few years prior). If young-folkie Leonard Cohen is your favorite Leonard Cohen, don’t skip the album. On the cover of Recent Songs is a portrait of Cohen by the artist Dianne V. Lawrence. He’s depicted gazing toward the viewer with a blank, focused expression. Cohen was no longer a young man, as evidenced by researched, the jowls around his cheeks and streaks of write report gray in his hair (he’d turned 45 a week before Recent Songs appeared). Mla Powerpoint Researched Paper! There is day essay, a hummingbird above his right shoulder — the same bird that would reappear on the cover of The Future 13 years later, a symbol of happiness and endurance. The album cover projects a sense of mla powerpoint paper calm. It’s a much more stately, settled scene than the write a football, erotic imagery that adorns New Skin or the hints of researched debauchery in Death Of A Ladies’ Man ’s sleeve art, which is about right: Recent Songs is something of day essay a return to normalcy.

After a period of instability and wild stylistic diversions, this sixth album returned the songwriter to the more traditional folk terrain of his early releases — with somewhat less consistent songwriting. If not Cohen’s most provocative collection, Recent Songs is mla powerpoint, one of his most confident and surefooted, and it came as a relief to fans alienated by photsynthesis, his mid-’70s dive into decadence. Paper! For any fan, there is plenty to leadership school reflective love here — “The Gypsy’s Wife” is a minor classic, a bible-referencing lament for Cohen’s would-be wife Suzanne Elrod, while “The Smokey Life” is positively gorgeous, with wistful lyrics about letting go of a spent love and two-part harmonies that foreshadow “Dance Me To The End Of Love.” New Skin producer John Lissauer gets a writing credit on researched paper, “Came So Far For Beauty,” a strong holdover from the scrapped Songs For Rebecca project, while Lissauer’s jazzy influence persists on “Our Lady Of Solitude” (one of several tracks spotlighting the jazz-rock group Passenger) and the Mariachi-flavored “The Lost Canadian (Un Canadien Errant).” Yet the intensity that drives Cohen’s best work is teachers in english, missing from lengthy and mla powerpoint paper, meandering narrative-driven tracks like “The Traitor” and “Ballad Of The Absent Mare.” Recent Songs stands as one of the more conservative moves in a career that has otherwise dazzled with sharp left turns. Few Cohen fans will single it out as the man’s greatest work, but just as few will doubt that it has some real gems. Yet the margaret atwood essay, album feels like the end of something, and not just because it came at the tail end of the paper, ’70s, Cohen’s most prolific decade. It marks the final record of his early period, the final record that takes gypsy folk — acoustic guitar, subdued arrangements, a sparse rhythm section — as its backdrop, the recent, final record that featured the gift of his golden voice before its slow evolution into a Tom Waits-ian half-grunt. Lyrically, too, Cohen is concerned with farewells and endings, particularly of the romantic sort: “So set your restless heart at researched paper, ease / Take a lesson from these autumn leaves,” he sings on “The Smokey Life”; “they waste no time waiting for the snow.” And the airman leadership, snow came for mla powerpoint paper Cohen, too. He was deeply unfashionable during the punk era. How To! Cohen endured some years of wilderness, a humiliating rejection — followed by mla powerpoint, what would be the airman leadership school, greatest comeback of his career. Nobody expected this — perhaps not even Cohen.

As he reached his mid-70s, the old folksinger made a startling return to creative life. He toured for the first time in mla powerpoint researched, 15 years, singing and tipping his fedora to adoring crowds around the world throughout much of 2008 and 2009. The development was at leadership school essay, least partly motivated by mla powerpoint paper, money: Cohen discovered several years earlier that he had been defrauded out of millions in retirement savings by atwood, his longtime manager, and plotted a tour to regain financial solvency. But after the tour, instead of enjoying his renewed retirement funds with, well, retirement, Cohen immediately went to researched work on his 12th album. And when the album finally emerged, it ushered in a new prolific period for the aging master.

Old Ideas arrived at the beginning of 2012, seven years after Dear Heather , and in some ways it sounds as if that 2004 album never happened. Photons During! The karaoke synths and spoken-word monologues are discarded. Ideas is the most acoustic and mla powerpoint researched paper, organic-sounding Cohen album in decades. He’d begun playing guitar again after so many albums of drum machines and synths, as evidenced by bluesy, stripped-down tracks like “Darkness” (which Cohen debuted during that preceding tour), “Banjo,” and leadership essay, “Crazy To Love You.” I suppose you could argue this is the closest thing to a folk album Cohen had made in 33 years, though Old Ideas is an mla powerpoint, album of how to write scouting quiet renewal and reflection, full of researched inspired production quirks courtesy of Patrick Leonard (check those shimmering funk organs on “Different Sides”). On the how to write, vocal side, Cohen shows off a gruff, talk-singing style that’s midway between the Dear Heather spoken-word stuff and The Future — it sounds like an old man in your bible-study group trying to learn to mla powerpoint researched paper rap. And it is a funny, playful album, too. Cohen carried a reputation for being gloomy and depressing — Leon Wieseltier famously declared him “The Prince Of Bummers” — but he rarely gets credit for in english how funny he really was. This is a guy who once rounded up Bob Dylan for a session only to paper relegate him to distant background vocals on a song called “Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-on.” Old Ideas is suffused with the artist’s dry wit. Even the album art is teachers day essay, funny as hell: a photograph of Cohen seated in a lawn chair, decked out in researched, a suit and sunglasses, looking vampiric and totally miserable. On “Anyhow,” he’s reaching out to an estranged lover with a self-deprecating plea: “I know you have to hate me / But could you hate me less?” And on “Going Home,” the sardonic opener, he mocks himself and school reflective, his slowed creative output from the perspective of an unnamed authority figure — perhaps God: “I love to speak with Leonard / He’s a sportsman and a shepherd / He’s a lazy bastard living in a suit.” Except hardly lazy. Old Ideas would be the first of three new records in five years, a remarkable late-career renaissance that kept Cohen creatively active right up to his final months.

Here’s the step-by-step guide for reviewing a late-career Leonard Cohen album. 1) Mention the artist’s advanced age. Popular Problems was released on the eve of mla powerpoint paper Cohen’s 80th birthday, so this was made certain. 2) Assume that this is his final offering. (Until this year’s You Want It Darker , this assumption was always incorrect.) Use phrases like “air of finality” and “sense of photons during photsynthesis encroaching mortality.” 3) Scour the paper, lyrics for references to death and dying. On Popular Problems , you don’t have to look hard. On the terrifying “Almost Like The Blues,” he quips: “I have to die a little / Between each murderous thought / And when I’m finished thinking / I have to die a lot.” And on “Samson In New Orleans” — a tedious ballad and how to report layout, the album’s only wasted moment — he declares himself “blind with death and researched, anger.” 4) Use the word “autumnal” at least once.

As Steven Hyden argued just a month ago, critics have been prematurely burying Cohen since long before he actually died, neglecting the fact that he has honest-to-God made more great albums this decade than Kanye West. When our greatest songwriters grow elderly and gray, we write them off, failing to imagine that they have anything new to say unless it’s “farewell.” Yet Cohen was surprising and challenging us up until the end. Released just two-and-a-half years after Old Ideas — the spelling, songwriter had not put out records with such frequency since the Carter Administration — Popular Problems shakes with a late-career urgency that’s inspired and mla powerpoint paper, rare. It’s a terse, excellent little album that’s home to some of Cohen’s sharpest one-liners and most unusual arrangements (check out “Nevermind,” with its thumping beat and guest appearance by the kirtan singer Donna DeLory). Producer Patrick Leonard, known for his work with Madonna, devised some surprising instrumental backdrops for Cohen’s raspy and rap-like delivery, from the menacing bass rumble of during “Almost Like The Blues” to the skeletal groove of “Slow.” The paradox is that Cohen was speeding up his output by mla powerpoint, such an airman school reflective essay, urgent degree, yet the track list reflects his habit of taking years, even decades, to perfect a single song. “My methods are obscure and not to be replicated,” he told an audience around the time. “A song will yield itself if you stick with it long enough.” (“Hallelujah” notably remained a work in progress for Cohen even after he released it.) “Born In Chains,” a musical telling of the Exodus story that overlays Cohen’s spoken vocals with those of mla powerpoint paper his backup singers, was in progress as early as the late 1980s. “Nevermind” was published as a poem in during photsynthesis, the 2006 collection Book Of Longing . And “A Street,” the album’s most mysterious and masterful verse, originated shortly after 9/11 yet took years to researched paper nail down. Airman Leadership School Reflective! It is funny and grim, wistful but not nostalgic, obsessed with the past but not beholden to it — like so much of the man’s work itself. Leonard Cohen was terrible at album titles. Researched! Just hilariously bad.

It’s the write report layout, first thing a new listener will notice about his discography. The titles frequently contain the word “songs” and often just seem to state the mla powerpoint paper, obvious: Songs Of Leonard Cohen , Songs From A Room , Recent Songs . Spelling Atwood! Later, he intended to researched name his 2004 release Old Ideas but was talked out of it for airman leadership fear that fans would confuse it with a best-of compilation. Paper! Never one to let a weak album title go to photons during waste, Cohen pocketed the phrase and used it for his 2012 album. But Ten New Songs — the name of Cohen’s 10th collection — is not as thuddingly obvious a title as it seems. There’s even something slyly revelatory about researched paper it: By the time the album appeared, during the fraught fall of 2001, Cohen fans weren’t expecting to get any new songs from the man, much less 10 of them. Leadership Reflective Essay! As Pitchfork’s Brian Howe wrote in 2004, witnessing Cohen’s mysterious return was “like discovering a long-deceased relative sitting in the parlor and mla powerpoint researched paper, patting their lap for teachers day essay in english you to come sit as if they’d never left.” The fact that the mla powerpoint researched paper, new songs were very strong, provided you have a high tolerance for Casio-fueled muzak arrangements, was a nice bonus. Margaret Atwood! These are just lovely, understated songs from paper, start to how to write finish. (The Robert Frost-quoting “A Thousand Kisses Deep” is the one stinker.) There is not much that will bowl you over with wrenching emotional magnitude, but there is mla powerpoint researched, plenty in the way of recent on solar rich, vivid lyrics and researched, gorgeous melodies. The Cohen songbook contains few tracks as wistful as “In My Secret Life,” a sly little R#038;B groove that puts a lump in papers energy, your throat in the album’s opening minutes; few tracks as soulful as “You Have Loved Enough”; few songs as quietly damning as “The Land Of Plenty.” And the record is dotted with subtle references to prior material: “Love Itself,” for instance, combines a waltzy arpeggio that echoes “Hallelujah” with imagery that brings to mind 1971’s “Love Calls You By Your Name.” Sharon Robinson, Cohen’s backup singer since the Recent Songs days, is the researched paper, chief collaborator here. She co-wrote every song, recorded the album in her home studio, and received a producer credit as well.

Robinson brings the album a cozy late-night R#038;B feel, with backing vocals that are far more intimate than those big-budget gospel choirs on The Future . The arrangements are at essay, once elegant and paper, cheap, like the grainy webcam photo that adorns the front cover. How To Write A Business Report! Cohen’s songs are more reflective, more reconciliatory, than on mla powerpoint researched, The Future or I’m Your Man . He’d just emerged from five years in a Zen monastery. In interviews, he stated that he came out of a lengthy depression around this time. So there’s none of the despair that suffused The Future , and, as the how to layout, title Ten New Songs suggests, not much of the conceptual unity either. (September 11 was months away when the album was completed, so don’t read too much into the vaguely prophetic “Land Of Plenty.”) But the songs are just stellar, rich, full of loss — all that good stuff. Researched Paper! On “Alexandra Leaving,” Cohen grapples with a love affair’s end with melancholy and essay, grace: “Suddenly the night has grown colder / The god of paper love preparing to recent papers energy depart.” The drums are tinny and fake, but the emotions are real as hell. Leonard Cohen had a remarkable singing voice. I mean this sincerely. Mla Powerpoint Researched Paper! He didn’t always. On the how to write, early records, his vocals were nasally and mla powerpoint, thin; author Sheila Weller once described it as a “brazenly unmusical drone of a voice.” (My favorite entry in the Leonard-Cohen-can’t-sing files: that funny little voice crack he does at 3:59 in recent, “Sing Another Song, Boys.”) Later, on “Tower Of Song,” Cohen joked that he was “born like this, I had no choice / I was born with the gift of a golden voice.” The song appeared on I’m Your Man , an album that’s been selected by Tom Waits as one of his all-time favorites. Then Cohen began to sound like he was challenging Waits’ whiskey-soaked larynx to researched a gurgling contest on some deranged pirate ship. Anyone can cover “Bird On The Wire” with an acoustic guitar at write report, an open mic.

Try singing “It Seemed The Better Way” in that husky, underworld octave of his. On the researched paper, title track of Cohen’s 14th and final album, the singer repeats the in english, Hebrew expression “Hineni” in mla powerpoint researched, a voice that sounds as ancient and atwood essay, weathered as the phrase’s biblical roots. It is a hollowed-out husk of a voice, a voice that has seen so much life and mla powerpoint researched, so much death and carries so much of both with it. We are not accustomed to hearing canonized songwriters sing in spelling essay, a voice like this. We are also not accustomed to seeing stars put out albums as great as You Want It Darker a month past their 82nd birthday. We barely have a vocabulary for it. “Hineni,” that Hebrew phrase, is loosely translated to mean “Here I am” or “I’m ready,” in mla powerpoint, the sense of taking stock of write scouting report one’s life, declaring oneself to God.

The utterance took on paper, especially morbid dimensions when Cohen told the New Yorker he was “ready to die” just before the album’s release. Reflective Essay! And then, just like that, he died. Now, You Want It Darker , like Bowie’s Blackstar , will be inextricably linked to mla powerpoint the artist’s death. It’ll always be a farewell album. And like Blackstar , it is a remarkable parting gift. But Cohen was not yet gone when he made this — whatever his health problems were, the songs are full of life and grace, reflections on a life lived well but not at all simply. On the title track, with its nimble bass line and apocalyptic choir, he rattles off atrocities with razor-sharp urgency. On the rousing “Steer Your Way,” he is full of atwood essay steely resolve to get through “the pain that is far more real than you.” “Traveling Light,” an Eastern-tinged number that echoes “Dance Me To The End Of Love,” crackles with his trademark dark wit. The song’s arrangement is an unusual pairing of whining violins and a distant electronic beat. Even in his 82nd year, Cohen was still digging into new musical territory. Researched Paper! (Much credit belongs to Patrick Leonard and photons during photsynthesis, the songwriter’s son, Adam Cohen, who share the production credit.) Darker is less reliant on female backing vocalists than any album Cohen had made in mla powerpoint paper, decades; his own remarkable voice, worn but not defeated, slides into full focus. Papers Energy! Cohen apparently recorded some of these vocals into paper, a microphone placed on the dining-room table because his back problems made it tough for him to leave the house.

Perhaps he knew it would mark his final recordings, perhaps not, but he still spent those final months committing himself to a football the greatness that has defined his career. Meanwhile, the mla powerpoint paper, title track rumbles and shakes under the airman school reflective essay, weight of a male synagogue choir, which reemerges to lend a haunting backdrop to “Seemed A Better Way.” (The synagogue is the same one Cohen attended in his youth, adding to the perception that this record ties up the loose ends of researched paper his life.) The heaviest emotional gut punch might be “Leaving The Table,” a stark, downtrodden tune in which Cohen concedes that he’s “out of the game” in a business report layout, a voice that seems to mla powerpoint researched paper require his whole bodily strength. (On a funnier note, he also refers to his spent libido — or perhaps his penis — as a “wretched beast” now tamed.) In announcing Cohen’s death, his son Adam revealed that the songwriter died peacefully “with the knowledge that he had completed what he felt was one of his greatest records.” The old man was not wrong. Rolling Stone called it “Leonard Cohen’s doo-wop nightmare.” The Toronto Star recommended it to in english “musical sadists.” The New York Times called it “bewildering.” Leonard Cohen himself called Death Of A Ladies’ Man “a catastrophe,” and he has made no secret of the fact that the record represents the most “flipped out,” drug-filled period of his career. I don’t have room to write a book-length exegesis of how Death Of A Ladies’ Man came to be (though there is paper, one waiting to be written), so here’s an overview: 1) Our hero went into the studio to write and record an album titled Songs For Rebecca with producer John Lissauer, then promptly abandoned the project and disappeared. 2) Cohen encountered Phil Spector backstage at a show in on solar energy, LA.

The legendary producer invited Cohen to his home, which Cohen remembers being so freezing he had to mla powerpoint researched paper wear his coat indoors. 3) Spector locked the door — literally holding Cohen hostage in his cold-ass house — at which point Cohen suggested, “As long as we are locked up, we might as well write some songs together.” 4) The pair spent a whole month writing an teachers day essay, album and drinking to oblivion. Mla Powerpoint! 5) As soon as they entered the studio in early 1977, Spector’s famously unhinged behavior began to take hold. How To Layout! He had guns. Paper! He had booze.

There were so many session musicians cramming the studio he could barely move. “I was flipped out at the time, and he certainly was flipped out,” Cohen later recalled, describing the megalomaniac producer’s mental state as “post-Wagnerian” if not “Hitlerian.” The famous story — first reportedin Ira B. Nadel’s biography Various Positions ) is that Spector one day brandished a loaded gun at how to write a business, Cohen’s throat and mla powerpoint researched paper, said, “I love you, Leonard,” to which Cohen meekly responded, “I hope you love me, Phil.” What’s wild is that these stories are entirely believable given Spector’s history — the guy reportedly fired guns in during, the studio with John Lennon in researched, 1974 and was decades later convicted of the 2003 murder of Lana Clarkson. How To Write A Business Report! (Cohen has been quoted describing him as a “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Researched! Hyde situation” — he went nuts when he entered the teachers in english, studio.) So what does this have to do with the music? Basically, Spector’s lunacy was such that he literally kicked Cohen out of his own album and assumed creative control, drowning out the singer’s material in a grotesque fog of sound and orchestration. Mla Powerpoint Paper! (“Cohen was actually pushed aside and ignored during the sessions,” Nadel writes, while his producer pulled a gun on scouting report, an unsatisfactory violinist and became “so paranoid about the mla powerpoint paper, tapes that he took them home each night with an armed guard” — mixing the songs with zero input from his star.) So it’s a far cry from Cohen’s tasteful folk songs; on the record’s lewdest cut, “Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-on,” the singer literally shouts to be heard over photons photsynthesis the ruckus of an R#038;B boogie and dozens of backing vocalists, Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg among them. But now for the defense: I love the disastrously received record this unholy partnership created. Spector and Cohen were laughably mismatched — one a brilliant but megalomaniacal drunk obsessed with grandiosity; the other a brooding songwriter accustomed to spending years refining songs and mla powerpoint, arrangements — but their coupling brought us one of the most fascinating albums of the 1970s.

Death Of A Ladies’ Man is a glorious mess, a distinctly ’70s glimpse of hubris and excess. Airman! It is also entirely unlike any other record in Cohen’s catalog. If it weren’t so messy I’d be tempted to mla powerpoint rank it even higher, but then the messiness is the point . Leadership School Reflective! Put Death Of A Ladies’ Man on in polite company and you’re guaranteed to arouse some sort of reaction, be it fascination or disgust, which is more than can be said for the drab Side B of researched paper Various Positions . And the songs! The songs are very good. Hell, the one-two-three punch of spelling essay “Iodine” and “Paper Thin Hotel” and researched, “Memories” are among the papers energy, greatest songs Cohen ever made, with squealing saxophones and garish string flourishes soundtracking his on-tape meltdown.

The raucous “Memories,” a personal top-10 Cohen tune, is like doo-wop from hell; the mla powerpoint, title track, all nine minutes’ worth of romantic disillusionment, remains one of his most fascinating epics. And speaking of arousal, Cohen has never been quite so preoccupied with the grittier details of in english sex (and this is a guy who had already sung about getting head from Janis Joplin). In “Memories,” he begs for researched the sight of a woman’s naked body; the title track tells of an orgy in a “many mirrored room”‘ “I Left A Woman Waiting” contains super romantic imagery about copulating “quick as dogs and photsynthesis, truly dead.” Yet nothing here is quite as deliriously perverse as “Paper Thin Hotel,” in which our singer listens attentively to his ex-lover having sex through a hotel wall. (If Cohen’s vocals sound weirdly thin, it’s because they might very well be “guide vocals,” which he intended to re-record before Spector decided to hold the tapes hostage.) Death Of A Ladies’ Man is a bizarre, tortured, erotic — even garish — record. It’s not very polite, and for those who know Cohen from folk standards like “Suzanne,” its excesses might seem outright offensive.

But it’s a remarkable document, a woozy, near-psychotic mess of sound and vision remarkably well-suited to the time and the mood. Like a handful of other albums from the era — Harry Nilsson’s Pussy Cats , the Rolling Stones’ Goats Head Soup — Ladies’ Man captures ’70s decadence and exhaustion with alarming frankness. We all sink to our lowest point some time or another, pushing our ear against a hotel wall to hear an ex getting laid, but rarely does it result in a piece of art as brilliantly grotesque as Death Of A Ladies’ Man . The album was disparaged upon researched paper release, but there does now seem to leadership school be a small but loyal cult of mla powerpoint critical reappraisal, not too different from the one that’s sprung up around Neil Young’s Trans . One of the best and recent on solar energy, most rousing defenses I’ve read is a piece by mla powerpoint paper, Tablet writer Liel Leibovitz. In a long essay, Leibovitz concludes that Ladies’ Man is “frequently terrible, deeply relevant, and not for write report layout one moment boring.” He’s right. Mla Powerpoint Researched Paper! And anyway, if you’re not grateful that Death Of A Ladies’ Man got made, be grateful that it got made without Leonard Cohen taking a bullet to papers on solar energy the throat. When people who know little of Leonard Cohen, who have only a rudimentary knowledge of the mla powerpoint researched paper, songwriter, hear his name evoked — in conversation, perhaps, or during an awards show — this is what they probably envision. Recent Papers! Not the perverted doo-wop of Death Of A Ladies’ Man , certainly not the dinky karaoke beats of Dear Heather . They expect to mla powerpoint researched paper hear something like “Suzanne” (Cohen’s most well-known song until “Hallelujah”), something as pleasant as “Sisters Of Mercy” or as quietly haunting as “One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong.” And if that doesn’t capture the full breadth of Cohen’s stylistic and thematic range, it’s still pretty goddamn great. Songs Of Leonard Cohen is as straightforwardly definitive as its title. Photsynthesis! While several of the singer’s contemporaries started their careers with tentative, middling debuts ( Song To A Seagull , for instance, by researched paper, Cohen’s fleeting lover Joni Mitchell), Cohen’s vision was remarkably realized from the start. Of course, he was hardly young. The singer was well into his 30s and leadership school reflective essay, had already tried his hand as a poet and novelist, to mixed success, by the time Songs Of Leonard Cohen appeared in researched paper, late 1967.

Few considered him a musician, and Cohen himself struggled with uncertainty about his limited voice; performing at how to scouting report, the Newport Folk Festival shortly before Songs was recorded, he was said to researched paper have been overcome with anxiety and stage fright. (He refused to tour until after Songs From A Room .) But the songs spoke for him. And Songs Of Leonard Cohen became the perfect introduction to Cohen’s thin, unorthodox vocals and classical-inspired guitar “chop” (his unusual style of recent energy plucking, as heard on mla powerpoint paper, “Teachers,” “Stranger Song,” and later “Avalanche”). The album was recorded in New York with folk-rock maestro John Simon, in a tiny Columbia studio outfitted with not much more than a chair, a mirror, and some incense. The songs reflect that spare aesthetic: There is not a wasted note, nor a gratuitous syllable. Photons Photsynthesis! Even then, Cohen had a remarkable precision of language in mla powerpoint, his songs. Look at how to write scouting, the record’s dual love songs, “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye” and “So Long, Marianne” (a song now imbued with deeper emotion in light of Cohen’s 2016 letter to researched paper a dying Marianne Ihlen), and how much sadness and longing is conveyed in simple images: the hair upon the pillow “like a sleepy golden storm” or Marianne’s spider web “fastening my ankle to a stone.” “Suzanne,” an margaret essay, evocative paean to platonic travels with friend Suzanne Verdal, is of course the mla powerpoint, staple. Yet it is not all fluffy love songs: “Stories Of The Street” and “One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong” introduced listeners to Cohen’s stormier emotional side. The latter song contains some of the songwriter’s most inscrutable verses and on solar energy, concludes in mla powerpoint paper, a wailing fit of catharsis — a neat preview of recent 1971’s heavier Songs of Love and mla powerpoint researched paper, Hate . You want it darker? Leonard Cohen never made a record more pointed and despairing than 1992’s The Future . In a menacing and papers, husky croak, the Montreal poet namechecks Stalin, demands “crack and anal sex,” and proclaims that he’s “seen the future, brother / It is murder” — all in the first minute of the record. Researched Paper! Elsewhere, he invokes the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the AIDS crisis (“Democracy”), Charles Manson, and (in two separate tracks) the specter of Satan himself.

It’s heavy stuff, though with glimmers of hope: Instead of Cohen’s sullen mug, the recent papers energy, album cover has an image of a heart breaking free from chains with the aid of a hummingbird. Mla Powerpoint Researched! (Birds — on wires or otherwise — remain a potent theme in Cohen’s work.) “There is how to write, a crack in mla powerpoint paper, everything,” the singer intones on photsynthesis, the Kabbalah-inspired “Anthem,” and “that’s how the light gets in.” The quote went viral following Cohen’s death — and mla powerpoint, Trump’s victory — as an expression of hope and grace in the face of the unimaginable. Using the icy synths of I’m Your Man as a starting point, The Future digs into lengthier song structures, heavier gospel overtones, and more pointedly political subject matter. It’s more everything — this is Cohen’s most maximalist production, the drunken revelry of day essay in english Ladies’ Man notwithstanding. The singer recorded in 10 different studios, according to biographer Anthony Reynolds, and the team Cohen assembled “was more akin to paper a movie production and included both a choir and an orchestra.” (Speaking of movies, even Rebecca De Mornay, Cohen’s girlfriend at the time, gets a production credit.) It paid off, generating some of the day essay in english, most complex and cinematic musical settings in researched, Cohen’s catalog, from the shivering synth loops of “Waiting For The Miracle” (as ominous a song as Cohen has ever done) to the military march of “Democracy.” There are fleeting moments of levity in the form of two R#038;B covers, which find Cohen pausing his doomsday soothsayer role to try on a dirty-old-man guise (“I don’t give a damn about the truth, baby / Except for the naked truth,” he growls on “Be For Real”). But the teachers, heart of the album lies in researched paper, searing originals — the title track, “Waiting For The Miracle,” “Democracy,” “Anthem” — delivered with the full force of moral reckoning. Even the airman, uptempo drinking anthem, “Closing Time,” has semi-apocalyptic overtones, with references to the devil and Christ and the Holy Spirit. The Future is grand in both scale and design.

Nearly every track exceeds the six-minute mark. (I’d argue the only tedious moment is “Light As The Breeze,” but the song’s dense imagery is mla powerpoint paper, nonetheless of fascination to anyone interested in probing the write scouting, spiritual and researched paper, sexual planes of Cohen’s work.) Around the time of The Future and its corresponding tour, Cohen’s cool cred was unexpectedly restored by a new generation of alt-rock admirers. Once seen as a washed-up folkie, Cohen was suddenly namechecked in a Nirvana song (“Pennyroyal Tea”), covered by recent papers, R.E.M. and paper, Pixies (both on the scattered I’m Your Fan tribute), and even lampooned on the cover of Ween’s The Pod . Photons During Photsynthesis! Then, in mla powerpoint, 1994, The Future became eternally linked in pop culture with Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers , which featured three of its songs. Cohen didn’t spend very much time basking in the glow of his renewed success. Quite the recent papers on solar energy, contrary: He disappeared, spending the rest of the decade in Buddhist seclusion at the Mt.

Baldy Zen Center, where he studied under the researched paper, elderly Zen master Kyozan Joshu Sasaki Roshi. He remained there for teachers years, not releasing another album of paper new material for nearly a decade. The extended Buddhist retreat softened the papers energy, man’s worldview, or at least ironed out some of the seething terror. It also made him into even more of an enigma. Cohen had always been a mysterious entity, but during that decade he seemed to mla powerpoint paper fade into day essay in english, pop culture ghosthood, leaving The Future behind as his would-be final masterpiece — searing, apocalyptic, and as suffused in paper, myth and darkness as the how to write a business report layout, man himself. 3. New Skin For The Old Ceremony (1974) On the opening track of New Skin For The Old Ceremony , Leonard Cohen’s nasally warble rises to an agitated shout. “Is this what you wanted?” he asks, over paper and over, with trumpet swells and a supple funk backbeat dancing around him. It’s the most dynamic composition Cohen had recorded up to spelling atwood essay that point, and it points the way ahead for the fantastic New Skin For The Old Ceremony , the album where the then-39-year-old songwriter became increasingly restless with his trademark downtempo folk songs.

This is the sound of a songwriter at the peak of his powers growing bored with his sound. So he changed it up. What’s interesting about Cohen’s discography is how much his style changes album to album depending on choice of mla powerpoint paper producer (Phil Spector’s wall of sound, Sharon Robinson’s late-night R#038;B, etc.). Spelling Margaret Atwood! For this fourth record, Cohen tapped John Lissauer, a jazz guy who was given total control to bring Cohen’s songs to life. The singer played him “Lover Lover Lover” and researched, “There Is A War,” lively campfire songs possibly inspired by a trip to Africa, and margaret atwood, Lissauer heard strings, mandolins, banjos, chattering congas, raucous singalong choruses.

New Skin ’s songs are markedly shorter than on Love And Hate — 11 songs in 37 minutes — and full of mla powerpoint researched flourishes that could not have been realized on his early records, like the during, honky-tonk piano on “I Tried To Leave You” or the orchestral coda in “Who By Fire.” Lyrically, Cohen was moving away from story-songs and toward more playful, repetition-based verse (“There Is A War,” “Who By Fire”). On New Skin , he is obsessed with the themes that would thread through his career: spirituality, eroticism, isolation, loss, eroticism, war, eroticism. And even more sex. Cohen could dazzle you with biblical allusions, but he also loved to researched see you naked over there, especially from the in english, back. There are no songs here as recognizable as “Suzanne” or “Hallelujah.” But there is not a single weak track either. New Skin For The Old Ceremony is packed with live staples and fan favorites of brilliant, unquestionable quality: “Why By Fire,” “Field Commander Cohen,” “Leaving Green Sleeves,” and mla powerpoint researched paper, “Chelsea Hotel #2? — inspired by airman leadership, a Jewish prayer for the High Holidays, a brief stint singing for researched paper the Israeli army, a 15th-century folk song, and a sexual encounter with Janis Joplin, respectively. (Cohen regretted revealing that “Chelsea Hotel” was written about Joplin, but the song solidified the affair as an immortal piece of the Cohen legend.

After his death last week, fans in New York naturally gathered in spelling margaret atwood essay, mourning at the Hotel Chelsea.) With Songs Of Love And Hate , Cohen made his first masterpiece. With New Skin and mla powerpoint researched paper, its polarizing follow-up, he made clear that he had no interest in how to write a football scouting, repeating himself. Songs Of Love And Hate is the first unimpeachable masterpiece in Leonard Cohen’s discography, and mla powerpoint researched paper, it nearly did not exist. The story is write report, that Cohen was dismayed by the tepid response to the Songs From A Room tour and wanted to give up. He proposed releasing two live albums instead of new material. His producer balked at that idea, so instead Cohen went into the studio and recorded a masterpiece of unrelenting intensity. When you step into mla powerpoint, Songs Of Love And Hate , it covers up your soul. Every track here (there are just eight of them) radiates hot blasts of despair, isolation, rage, longing, and photons photsynthesis, — yes — love and hate. Cohen has amassed a reputation for making “music to researched paper slit your wrists by,” and it seems reasonable to airman assume that this reputation solidified itself here.

In fact, “Dress Rehearsal Rag” is literally about slitting your wrists (or at mla powerpoint paper, least considering it), with Cohen unleashing long verses about a “golden boy” staring down his desperation in the mirror as he “unwrap[s] a stainless steel razor blade.” Equally chilling is “Joan Of Arc,” in which Cohen envisions in brutal detail the immolation of the atwood, titular French heroine. For new listeners wondering why Cohen is worshipped by goth icons like Trent Reznor and mla powerpoint, Nick Cave, start here. (Cave, who covered “Avalanche” on From Her To Eternity and paid tribute to Cohen after his death, has described Songs as an teachers day essay, album “that seethes and mla powerpoint researched, spits with a kind of violence unlike any other record ever made.”) Much of the discussion about Songs Of Love And Hate focuses on the lyrics — understandably so — which obscures the fact that the arrangements are both understated and perfect. Teachers In English! Texture for texture, there is nothing on the first two LPs that matches the researched, controlled gloom of in english “Avalanche.” Credit is mla powerpoint researched, owed to spelling essay ex-Bob Dylan producer Bob Johnston, who helped strip Cohen’s songs down to their starkest essence. (The sole uptempo tune is a demented boogie called “Diamonds In The Mine,” which features disturbing imagery involving Charles Manson and mla powerpoint researched paper, Christians being eaten by lions. It might be Cohen’s single bitterest vocal performance; by the song’s end, his singing is a harrowing yelp.) So the music is sparse, but not skeletal or boringly so. Day Essay In English! Strings coil in researched, the background, adding dramatic weight to margaret atwood songs like “Last Year’s Man” and “Love Calls You By Your Name.” And the mix is full of intriguing little quirks, like the children’s choir on “Last Year’s Man” or the fading murmurs of backing vocals on researched paper, “Famous Blue Raincoat,” Cohen’s haunting epistolary masterpiece. Glancing through Cohen’s discography, his albums often group together in recent papers energy, threes: there is the mid- /late-’70s decadence trilogy ( New Skin / Ladies’ Man / Recent Songs ), the mid-career return to prominence ( Various Positions / I’m Your Man / Future ), then of paper course the late-career surprises ( Old Ideas / Popular Problems / You Want It Darker ). Songs Of Love And Hate surely fits into Cohen’s trio of early folk records, but it also stands on its own, an album of such towering darkness and mystery that it gave its creator a reputation for gloom he could never shake. “Dylan blew everybody’s mind,” Allen Ginsberg said, “except Leonard’s.” Well, Dylan went electric. But Cohen went synth-pop. All the way synth-pop — play the opening bars of “First We Take Manhattan” for teachers someone who’s been in a coma since 1987 and they might easily mistake it for, I don’t know, a very dark New Order track. And amazingly, spectacularly — contrary to the ’80s trend of folk-rockers fumbling with synthesizers to disastrous effect — the thing clicked.

Cohen’s big gamble turned out to be his boldest reinvention and his greatest album. Cohen had long dabbled in different stylistic guises, but never to such dazzling effect, and all within the confines of a 40-minute album: the soft-pop glaze of “Ain’t No Cure For Love,” the researched, jittery paranoia of “Jazz Police,” the eastern European flourishes of “I’m Your Man.” At 53, Cohen tossed out his acoustic guitars and his turtleneck sweaters and blazed a new fashion of Armani suits and sunglasses (has anyone ever looked this dapper eating a banana?) sleek enough to match the radical overhaul of day essay his sound. The sound is one of mla powerpoint researched paper slick, meticulous Europop: drum machines, synthesizers, synclaviers, sequencers — Cohen had flirted with this stuff on Various Positions , but here he dives all the margaret, way in. He even does schmaltz better than the career crooners: “Ain’t No Cure For Love” is AOR sleaze delivered with all the mla powerpoint, biblical urgency Cohen’s army of angelic singers can muster. The glossy new sound formed the perfect setting for Cohen’s deepening voice, which was darker and write, huskier than it had ever been. What might have ended another singer’s career became a blessing; “I could at last deliver the songs with the authority and intensity required,” the artist once reflected. The vocal performances are full of little, revelatory moments, like the sinister cackle in “First We Take Manhattan” or Jennifer Warnes’ harmonies during the final verse of “Take This Waltz.” And the researched, lyrics are some of Cohen’s best ever — no, no, scratch that: They are his best ever. Papers On Solar Energy! In “First We Take Manhattan,” Cohen slips inside the mind of a terrorist with ink-black wit. The mantra-like “Everybody Knows,” with its bleak proclamations on the AIDS crisis and mla powerpoint, racial injustice, was exactly the teachers day essay in english, excoriation the Reagan decade deserved, scraping away at the seedy underbelly of ’80s glitz and mla powerpoint paper, glamour. The title track, much like another deceptively wedding-ready hit from the era, R.E.M.’s “The One I Love,” was commonly taken to spelling atwood be a love song, but really it is something more sinister — a song of obsession, of devotion stretched to mla powerpoint researched the point of creepy self-abasement. Teachers Day Essay In English! (As Cohen had sang many years earlier, “I guess you call this love / I call it service.”) The meta-commentary of “Tower Of Song,” recorded with little more than a toy synthesizer, features Cohen’s sharpest musings on his own craft: “I said to mla powerpoint Hank Williams, ‘How lonely does it get?’ / Hank Williams hasn’t answered yet.” And God only knows what “Jazz Police” is about, but it’s hysterical (“Guys like me are mad for turtle meat”?

What? ). With its heavy synths and glistening saxophone, I’m Your Man stands as a symbol of the leadership school reflective essay, ’80s decade itself: glossy and bright, but with a dark underbelly of despair and corruption. Mla Powerpoint Researched Paper! The album revitalized Cohen’s career after a shaky decade, but its nouveau chic vibe hardly seemed to teachers day essay brighten his mood: The album opens with a terrorist’s manifesto and mla powerpoint, closes with the charge that “the rich have got their channels in how to a business, the bedrooms of the poor.” Cohen was bitterly unhappy during this period, “bedeviled by researched paper, depression, apathy, and indiscipline,” Harvey Kubernik reports in Leonard Cohen: Everybody Knows . His most apocalyptic work yet was just around the corner, but the man has never quite topped this 1988 masterpiece. It set the template for the rest of his career.

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Okeeheelee MS Student Wins National Award for Essay on Bilingualism. She may be a bit shy to speak to you when you first meet her, but Stephanie Meza-Castano is going to mla powerpoint, be putting her speaking skills to in english, the test this month when she travels to mla powerpoint researched, Chicago to read her essay on The Importance of Being Bilingual/La Importancia de Ser Bilingue to recent papers, several hundred guests of the National Association for Bilingual Education (NABE) National Conference. The eighth grader giggles nervously and answers, “a little” when asked if she’s a little nervous before making her big stage appearance. Stephanie, who is a student in the International Spanish Academy at paper, Okeeheelee Middle School recently won first place in how to write a football scouting report NABE’s national essay contest which earns her $500 and a trip for her and a mother to fly to Chicago to attend the conference with Okeeheelee Principal Dr. David Samore and Mr. Pedro Rubio Cascales, a visiting teacher from Spain. Researched Paper! This is the first time a student from Palm Beach County has won this distinguished award. Stephanie was born in the United States, but her parents are from Colombia.

Growing up, Stephanie and atwood essay her family spoke Spanish in the home. She didn’t begin in a dual language program in elementary school but the International Spanish Academy at Okeeheelee Middle School allowed her to mla powerpoint, master both languages as well as really learn to appreciate the in english, importance of researched being bilingual, which she beautifully captures in during photsynthesis her award winning essay. “My parents do speak about half English and mla powerpoint researched paper half Spanish,” Stephanie says. Energy! “When my mom and I go out, sometimes I have to help her with her English.” It seems that her desire to help others is what drives Stephanie’s desire to mla powerpoint paper, be bilingual. How To Layout! She hopes to become a paramedic eventually. “It’s really important [to be bilingual] because if I had to help somebody and mla powerpoint they couldn’t speak English, I’d be able to translate for how to a business report layout them,” she says. But like any eighth grader, her interests go beyond the classroom. Stephanie is on paper the STEP team at school, plays soccer, dances and participates in gymnastics. “This is recent papers on solar energy such an honor for Stephanie, but also our school,” said Dr. Paper! Samore. “Not only does it showcase the photons during photsynthesis, skills that she is acquiring in our program but it really highlights the researched paper, message that our school works so hard to impress on our ISA Students… bilingualism is teachers in english a key component in mla powerpoint researched paper lifelong success.” Stephanie isn’t sure what high school will bring.

She has applied to continue in the International Spanish Academy at John I. Leonard and also has applied for write a football scouting a Choice Medical Academy. Once Choice Program acceptance letters are sent on mla powerpoint researched paper April 5, she’ll have a big decision to how to write scouting, make. Okeeheelee Middle School was the mla powerpoint researched, first International Spanish Academy in the United States and in 2013 was rated the number one program of the 104 ISA schools in write scouting the United States. ISA is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Spain, the Florida Department of Education and the Palm Beach County School District to mla powerpoint paper, provide children a course of study for the acquisition of both English and Spanish while also training a bilingual/biliterate workforce for Palm Beach County. For more information on photsynthesis Okeeheelee Middle School and its International Spanish Academy Choice Program, visit Here is the essay that won her the first place distinction: The Importance of Being Bilingual. “Our language is a reflection of ourselves.

A language is an accurate reflection of the mla powerpoint, character and development of its speakers. “ Cesar E. Photsynthesis! Chavez. We live in mla powerpoint researched a globalized world in spelling margaret which communicating is becoming ever more necessary. We are living in the age of communication which is mla powerpoint interconnected by airman, social networks. This fact exemplifies the profound importance of learning new languages. Effective communication is vital in researched paper order to meet new people, experience various cultures and learn from them. Knowing another language is spelling margaret essential in mla powerpoint understanding what others want to convey to write a football report, us, as well as to what they are experiencing. Mla Powerpoint Paper! Understanding their language, their way of communicating, is like opening a door to people; it enables us to converse with them, to exchange feelings, opinions, and ways of thinking. Write A Business Layout! It also enables people to help others. Speaking a new language can also open doors to new professional opportunities and paper expand our intellectual horizons. Papers On Solar Energy! It opens our minds and allows us to achieve more skills in social communication because we are likely to researched paper, be more outgoing and responsive in papers on solar dealing with people. Knowing a second language can be an advantage when applying for mla powerpoint paper a job, as bilingual people are able to express themselves in a business report multifaceted ways, not only in mla powerpoint researched terms of write layout language.

Language is also cultural and as such one’s ability to communicate different ideas and concepts are also enhanced by mla powerpoint paper, being able to teachers day essay in english, speak other languages. Researched Paper! It allows people to understand others and day essay in english be understood by mla powerpoint researched paper, them. More and more jobs are requiring applicants to be bilingual, especially for spelling margaret atwood high-level positions. Researched Paper! A company may send someone who speaks another language to other countries where the language is used to school reflective, direct or carry out mla powerpoint researched paper, projects. There are many emotional, economical, cultural and societal positives for learning another language, but the layout, most important is to mla powerpoint researched, break down barriers that prevent us from communicating with other people from other cultures. School Reflective Essay! Learning other languages is not only about being able to communicate with new people but also make new friends. Another important reason is that, according to studies, learning a new language improves concentration and memory and mla powerpoint researched paper may even help people with diseases of the mind. Studies also show that learning a new language at an early age facilitates cognitive development and recent papers energy improves math skills and researched social development, as it changes the how to layout, way the brain works. It can also help develop decision-making skills and increase self-confidence.

In short, being bilingual has many benefits affecting all aspects of life. 3300 Forest Hill Boulevard. West Palm Beach, FL 33406. Phone: (561) 434-8000, (866) 930-8402. NOTICE: Under Florida law, email addresses are public record. If you do not want your email addresses released in mla powerpoint response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity.

Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing. Spelling Margaret Atwood Essay! To report waste, fraud, corruption, or abuse, please call the researched, Inspector General Hotline: (855) 561-1010. Thank you for visiting the how to write a football scouting, Palm Beach County School District’s website (“Website”). Mla Powerpoint Paper! The Website can be translated into airman reflective many different languages using Google™ Translate, a third party service (the “Service”) that provides automated computer translations of web pages. Mla Powerpoint! The Google™ Translate Service is how to scouting report offered to researched paper, you (User or “You”) as a public service at spelling atwood essay, no cost. PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE SERVICE. While Google's translation service uses state-of-the-art technology, it does so without the intervention of human translators. Thus, the translations provided as part of the mla powerpoint researched paper, Service are only an approximation of the Website’s original content.

You should not rely on during Google™ Translate to mla powerpoint researched paper, provide an exact translation of the Website. Photons! NOT all text may be translated correctly and researched paper some portions of the Website may not be translated at all. Some files and other items cannot be translated, including but not limited to, graphical buttons, drop down menus, graphics, and how to write a business report layout photos. Researched! In addition, some applications and/or services may not work as expected when translated. The School District has no control over the nature, content, and availability of the Service, and photons during photsynthesis accordingly, cannot guarantee the mla powerpoint researched paper, accuracy, reliability, or timeliness of the recent papers on solar, translation. Neither the members of the School Board, nor the mla powerpoint paper, schools or employees of the photons, School District, accept liability for any inaccuracies or errors in the translation or liability for mla powerpoint any loss, damage, or other problem, including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising from papers on solar energy, or in mla powerpoint paper connection with use of the airman leadership reflective, Google™ Translate Service. Please click the following link if you have questions about Google Translate: Mesi pou vizit ou fe nan sit entenet Distri Lekol Rejyon Palm Beach la (“Website”). Ou kab tradui sit entenet sa a an plizye lang diferan si w itilize Google™ Translate kom sevis yon lot antite (the “Service”) ki founi sevis wobo pou fe tradiksyon otomatik paj sit yo sou entenet la. Paper! Nou mete sevis Google™ Translate sa a aladispozisyon itilizate oswa ou menm (User oswa “You”) kom yon sevis piblik gratis. TANPRI, BYEN LI AVETISMAN AN AVAN OU ITILIZE SEVIS LA.

Malgre sevis tradiksyon Google la itilize teknoloji avanse denye kri, li pa itilize entevansyon moun pou fe tradiksyon yo. Kidonk, tradiksyon ki fet nan kad sevis sa a ki founi la a selman bay yon ide apwoksimatif sou kontni reyel sa ki di nan vesyon orijinal sit entenet la. Ou pa ta dwe repoze w selman sou Google™ Translate pou jwenn yon tradiksyon egzat sa sit entenet la vle di. Se PA tout pati nan teks yo ki kab tradui korekteman epi ou kab menm jwenn kek pati nan sit entenet yo ki pa kab tradui ditou. Papers On Solar! Gen kek fichye ak lot pati anko ki pa kab tradui, tankou paegzanp men se pa sa selman, bouton grafik yo, meni an mla powerpoint researched paper woulo yo ak foto yo.

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Desta forma, as traducoes feitas como parte do Servico sao apenas aproximadas ao conteudo original do Website. Mla Powerpoint Researched! Os senhores nao devem confiar totalmente que o Google™ Translate proporcione uma traducao exata do Website. NEM todos os textos podem ser traduzidos de maneira correta e algumas partes do Website nao podem ser traduzidas de forma alguma. Alguns arquivos e itens diferentes nao podem ser traduzidos, incluindo mas nao restrito a: botoes graficos, menus suspensos, graficos e fotos. How To Write Scouting Report! Alem disso, algumas aplicacoes e/ou servicos podem nao ter o efeito esperado quando traduzidos. O Distrito Escolar nao tem controle sobre a natureza, conteudo e disponibilidade do Servico, e consequentemente, nao pode garantir a exatidao, confiabilidade ou atualidade da traducao. Nenhum dos membros do Conselho Escolar, nem as escolas ou funcionarios do Distrito Escolar, assumem responsabilidade por quaisquer incorrecoes ou erros na traducao, ou responsabilidade por qualquer perda, dano ou outro problema, incluindo mas nao restrito a: perda indireta ou consequencias, ou prejuizos decorrentes ou em conexao com o uso do Servico Google™ Translate.

Favor clicar no link abaixo caso tenha alguma pergunta sobre o Google Translate: The Department of Multicultural Education Translation Team certifies that this is a true and faithful translation of the original document. April 2012 - (561) 434-8620 - SY12-1088. Descargo de responsabilidad sobre la traduccion de Google ™ Translate. Gracias por visitar el sitio web del Distrito Escolar del Condado de Palm Beach (sitio web). El sitio web puede ser traducido en diferentes idiomas a traves de Google ™ Translate, un servicio por medio de terceros (el servicio) que ofrece traducciones automaticas por ordenador de paginas web.

El servicio de Google ™ Translate se le ofrece (usuario o usted) como un servicio publico sin costo alguno. POR FAVOR LEA CUIDADOSAMENTE ESTE AVISO ANTES DE UTILIZAR EL SERVICIO. Aunque el servicio de traduccion de Google utiliza la tecnologia mas avanzada, lo hace sin la intervencion de traductores humanos. De este modo, las traducciones proporcionadas como parte del Servicio son solo una aproximacion del contenido original del sitio Web. Researched! Usted no debe confiar en Google ™ Translate para proporcionar una traduccion exacta del sitio web. NO todo el texto puede ser traducido correctamente y algunas partes del sitio web no pueden ser traducidas. Algunos archivos y otros elementos no se pueden traducir incluyendo, entre otros, botones graficos, menus desplegables, graficos y fotografias.

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El Molino FFA students to attend national ag conference. This year, eight El Molino students will be on their way to researched the 87th Annual National FFA Convention and Expo scheduled to begin on Oct. Leadership School. 29 in Louisville, Kentucky. The students worked hard on paper fundraisers throughout the papers on solar, summer and researched paper, fall months, raising roughly $1,050 each in order to attend the airman school, convention. At the National FFA Convention, the students will be attending leadership workshops, listening to guest speakers, attending a large career fair and more.

The trip will consist of a five-day, four-night stay. October 23, 2014. October 21, 2014. The school year is in mla powerpoint paper, full swing and this means El Molino is abuzz with activities on campus and in the community. El Molino is planning an exciting El Molino Night and invites families and airman school, students interested in learning about the programs and mla powerpoint researched paper, activities that El Molino offers to prepare students to papers on solar energy be successful in career and college to attend. There will be food, performances by the dance team, a scavenger hunt and prizes. El Molino Night begins at 6:30pm on November 4th. October 21, 2014. ?Students in the Digital Marketing class get hands on experience designing flyers for the upcoming El Molino Dance Team Winter Showcase taking place December 4th, 5th, and mla powerpoint researched paper, 6th at El Molino’s Cafe Theater.

Several flyer designs are submitted by students and papers energy, then judged to choose the best ones to promote events. October 21, 2014. Lunch time soccer, football, basketball. Researched. Every day many students can be found playing sports on the blacktop. A nice way way to get moving and wake that brain up between classes.? October 21, 2014. Thank you, West County. The West Sonoma County Union High School District Board of Trustees recently approved a plan to broaden course offerings and a football, strengthen educational programs for students at Analy, El Molino and Laguna high schools using revenues from the Measure K parcel tax passed by the West County voters in 2012. On behalf of everyone associated with our local high schools, I want to thank West Sonoma County for supporting the parcel tax. The parcel tax funding is enabling our local high schools to keep libraries open before and after school daily; offer highly challenging college prep courses plus a variety of researched paper, art, music, drama, shop, culinary and technology courses; and provide counseling services that are second to none in the North Bay Area. Again, thank you, West County for making a huge positive difference in day essay, the quality of education that our local high school students are receiving.

October 15, 2014. Cross Country Goodwill Fundraiser. October 14, 2014. Forestville Teen Saves El Molino Dad’s Life. A Forestville Academy student Lewis Griffith used CPR to save the life of his father, Steve Griffith, who is an El Molino High School parent and valued El Molino supporter, Student athletes study before practice. Student athletes overseen by their coaches studying in the library after school as part of mla powerpoint researched, El Molino’s Integrated Athletics program which links sports with academics . How To Layout. As part of the Integrated Athletics program s tudents are encouraged to play multiple sports, coaches meet to coordinate goals and workouts; athletes attend tutoring sessions, coaches track grades, athletes visit middle schools, and coaches put on researched youth clinics. El Molino athletes are not just part of one team but members of a whole sports program, where they enjoy playing time and spelling margaret atwood essay, one-on-one coaching. September 30, 2014. October 14, 2014.

Jason Lane, El Molino baseball star? Jason Lane started playing baseball as a Lion, El Molino High, that is. Researched. He was a junior college Player of the Year at airman leadership reflective Santa Rosa Junior College in mla powerpoint paper, 1997; he was the winning pitcher for USC in the 1998 College World Series championship game; he’s played 15 professional seasons; he’s cashed paychecks from 11 different organizations; and he hit a home run in papers, the 2005 World Series. Now he is reinventing himself as a pitcher. September 30, 2014. El Molino football team beats their record from 2013 season. September 21, 2014. The El Molino football team has already matched its number of wins from last season, as the Lions turn their eyes to Sonoma County League play in mla powerpoint researched paper, the coming week. After finishing 2-8 overall in the 2013 season, El Molino is currently 2-2, and has no interest in pulling up, despite some key injuries.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE. The record is now 3-2. September 26, 2014. The El Molino Interact Club presented at the Russian River Rotary Meeting on Tuesday night sharing some of the community service activities they have conducted. It was an airman school reflective essay interactive meeting where Rotary members asked the students questions such as what there interests and concerns were. Students mentioned issues like the drought and having access to mla powerpoint quality education. The students were well spoken and how to write report layout, it was clear that they enjoyed their work with Interact helping their community! September 26, 2014.

Despite the rain Club Day found a broad array of clubs representing the researched, diverse interests of the papers on solar energy, students and opportunities for students to connect. The tables were very busy with curious students asking questions and signing up to join. Clubs included the Women’s Flag Football club, the mla powerpoint paper, Graphic Enterprise, La Raza, The Green Team, Interact, FFA, the Badminton Club, the Intellectual Club, Pokemon Club, the Mountain Biking Club and many more. September 26, 2014. TV 45 students, Molly Dungan and photons, Johnny Lushenko interview the new music teacher Beth Ann Turner. September 25, 2014. Students in the broadcast class were busy recording for the El Molino High School Daily Bulletin where students report 4 days a week on El Molino related news. El Molino has a news reporting studio on mla powerpoint researched campus.

These photos are of some of those students doing some reporting out of the studio on the campus. You can watch the El Molino Daily Bulletin and see the Broadcast students in how to write a business layout, action on the El Molino website. September 18, 2014. For the first time in 9 years UC Davis Admissions Officers presented to students at El Molino and paper, the College and Career Center was full of students getting important insight into the college admissions process. There were a couple proactive Juniors getting a head-start and many seniors. Reflective. It sounded like UC Davis is very interested in El Molino students!! September 16, 2014. Viticulture and plant science students at El Molino harvested their acre of researched paper, pinot noir grapes Tuesday, Aug.

26, at the school campus under the guidance of employees from Dutton Ranch, a prominent Sonoma County grower owned by two El Molino alumni Steve and Joe Dutton. — Sonoma West Times News. September 16, 2014. Week two of the high school football campaign went according to plan for margaret atwood Analy and El Molino varsity teams, with both logging a pair of impressive victories on mla powerpoint researched paper their home turf. September 16, 2014. ELMO grad takes honors at layout Empire College. Elisa Osburg, El Molino Class of researched, 2003, has graduated from Empire College with Dean’s Honors and received the Empire College Outstanding Graduate Award in Hospitality. An honors student in the Tourism and photons during photsynthesis, Hospitality Degree Program, she was the graduate speaker at commencement exercises July 28. September 10, 2014. West County volleyballers take aim at winning campaigns. Optimism is mla powerpoint paper running rampant in recent, Forestville this fall, and with a veteran Lion’s roster which returns 11 players, why not? “We have a team loaded with seniors and for paper the most part, this team all played together last year,” noted head coach Jaime Hamilton, assisted by JV and frosh coaches Kirsten Beseda and Gina Casini. “The team chemistry is really great this year and while we have some kinks to work out, the overall vibe is spelling atwood essay very positive and excited.”

September 10, 2014. El Molino relied on a balanced offensive attack and mla powerpoint researched, four touchdown passes from quarterback Steve Mori to defeat visiting Lower Lake 28-6 on Friday night in a football scouting, a nonleague game. The smaller Lions (2-0) spread the mla powerpoint, field offensively and teachers, successfully neutralized the Trojans’ (0-1) big and mla powerpoint researched, physical defensive front. September 10, 2014. Lions outlast Willits in grid opener.

There were few complaints from local high school football fans following the season openers for Analy and El Molino on Friday, with both teams logging big wins. September 1, 2014. With a core group of returning players and coaching, the during, players on the El Molino football team are practicing what they preach: commitment. “The guys have already put in a great effort so I expect them to researched paper continue putting in that same effort,” head coach Randy Parmeter said. “I know they will. They will work very, very hard to be successful.” September 1, 2014. Young grape growers harvest crop at El Molino. A class of El Molino High School viticulture students got a hands-on lesson in grape growing early in the school year Tuesday when they helped harvest plump, ripe pinot noir grapes from the atwood essay, school’s one-acre vineyard. El Molino’s new music teacher at Ignite Sebastopol. See these two YouTube videos of mla powerpoint researched, El Molino’s new music teacher, Beth Ann Turner, making five-minute presentations on “Why Everyone Should play Music” and “BA Turner, ‘All Fired Up'” at O’Reilly Media’s Ignite Sebastopol, a self-described “fast-paced geek event.” E l Molino High football coach Randy Parmeter addresses his 2014 squad after their Monday morning workout that kicked off the Empire high school summer training camp season. Parmeter told his team he’s looking for more effort from them as they prepare for another season of spelling atwood essay, Sonoma County League competition.

The Lions hope to improve upon mla powerpoint, their 2-8 record from a season ago where they finished 1-5, fifth in airman leadership school reflective essay, the SCL standings. Parmeter, a former El Molino star, enters his second season a the mla powerpoint researched paper, helm for the Lions. Recent On Solar Energy. – The Santa Rosa Press Democrat. Schools Getting Ready For New Year. At El Molino, officials are updating the Wi-Fi system, bringing in mla powerpoint, Google Chrome Lab, with laptops on mobile carts that can move between classrooms. There will be new faces as well. Matt Dunkle, former vice principal, has been appointed principal, and airman school essay, Dani Barese, an paper English teacher and department chair, is the new vice principal. Seven new teachers have joined the photons during photsynthesis, faculty. Empire High School Football Programs Always Pushing to Prepare.

The North Coast football season does not officially begin until Aug. 11 but that does not mean football isn’t being played at nearly every high school in researched, the area. “Football is a game of repetition. You have to rep it out to leadership master it,” said Randy Parmeter, head coach at researched El Molino High School. “We lay it out teachers, there and really what it is researched is just an photons during opportunity for you to do it in a structured environment.” El Molino grad wins Farm Bureau scholarships. Emilie Strand, El Molino Class of 2010, is among the recipients of mla powerpoint paper, scholarships administered by the Farm Bureau Foundation of Sonoma County.

She attended Santa Rosa Junior College and Modesto Junior College before transferring to Cornell University in New York to major in animal science with an emphasis in dairy business management. El Molino alum Guerrero awarded Juris Doctor Degree. El Molino High School alumna Jacqueline Guerrero has been awarded dual Juris Doctor and teachers in english, Master of Legal Studies Degrees from Empire College School of mla powerpoint researched paper, Law in Santa Rosa. — Sonoma West Times News. El Molino releases 2nd semester Honor Roll. Fifty-two El Molino students made a 4.0 or above in papers on solar energy, the 2nd semester of the 2013-2014 school year, and 274 students made the Honor Roll, which includes students who received at least a 3.0 or “B” average. Mla Powerpoint Researched Paper. Those earning 4.0 or above who agreed to report layout have their names published are Madeline Barnard, Christie Collins, Uma Crouch, Molly Dungan, Emily Eck, Erin Eck, Donovan Eral, Anna Eva, Ella Griffith, Samantha Hennen, Soo Min Kan, Harsimranjit Kang, Miette Kringen, Brady Lane, Angelica Lezama, Clara Maddison, Cassidy Mountjoy, Kalvin Murray, Morgan Myers, Kelly Nagle, Amy Novak Wadley, Joy Risley, Brent Rivera, Faviola Ruiz, Talia Sanazzaro, Macey Schondel, Kelsey Sword, Noelle Terrero, Jessica VanRillaer, Julia Weggenmann, and Bayley Wiltermood.

Russian River Rotary gives record $13,500 in scholarships to researched El Molino seniors. The Russian River Rotary gave a record $13,500 in scholarships to 14 El Molino High School graduating seniors at its annual scholarship presentation this year, its biggest-ever boost to El Molino students seeking a higher education, said Rotary president Brendan Coen. In addition, the El Molino Foundation gave $1,000 to two students. Recipients are Louis Rampone, Kelsey Sword, Megan Cheatham, Mandi Young, Erika Sween, Riana Andersen, Isabella Negri, Fiona Barbolak, Ezgar Sanchez, Angelica Lezama, Megan Simmons, Mariah Udell, Sam Flood, Tomas Guzman, Emily Lewis and Mitchel Reesink. The El Molino Boosters, El Molino Ag Boosters, and the students, teachers and staff members of El Molino High School would like to margaret thank everyone who made El Molino’s 50th celebration at Shone Farm on May 10, 2014, such a great event. El Molino says goodbye to principal, 49th graduating class. A class of 150 accepted their diplomas under a warm West County sun, celebrating the mla powerpoint researched, 50th anniversary of the high school, representing the 49th graduating class. Jason Lane called up by San Diego Padres. El Molino Forensics Team Sweeps Rotary Contest. El Molino’s Speech Team swept 1 st , 2 nd , and 3 rd places at teachers day essay the Sebastopol Rotary Club’s annual Speech Contest this year.

Anna Eva, Gillian Barrio, and Olivia Yeates bested all speakers to take the mla powerpoint, top awards. Teacher Ginger Riley is the speech team’s coach. Teacher Lynn Stewart honored by Sebastopol Rotary Club. Boys Varsity Golf Wins SCL Championship! Congratulations to our Boys Varsity Golf for how to a business report winning the mla powerpoint, SCL Championship! And, a special THANK YOU to photons photsynthesis Coach Olzman and Coach Thomas for their hard work dedication. El Molino High School Principal Doria Trombetta is one of six high school administrators statewide to be honored as a Star Administrator this year by the California FFA association. Trombetta won the paper, award for the North Coast Region, which stretches from Del Norte County south to margaret Solano County.

Click here for the full announcement. El Molino Produces Sonoma County Youth Film Fest. El Molino’s Digital Marketing class was recently featured in the Sonoma West Times. Check out the article about the class producing the paper, Sonoma County Youth Film Festival here. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW for El Molino’s 50th Anniversary Celebration on May 10, 2014. El Molino is turning 50! Buy your tickets now for the celebration on Saturday, May 10th at leadership reflective the Santa Rosa Junior College Shone Farm. Click on the link below for tickets and sponsorship information. Click on the link below to mla powerpoint paper order your 2013-2014 yearbook! Important Graduation Documents for Seniors!

Seniors, it’s that time of year again. During Photsynthesis. All of the researched paper, top-priority graduation forms can be found below. Be sure you download these go through and ensure you have a smooth graduation experience. El Molino Varsity Baseball captures Lee Walker Invitational Tournament. The El Molino Lions will open the regular season schedule this week as the airman school reflective essay, hottest team in the North Bay, entering Sonoma County League play with an impressive 9-1 record. Click here to mla powerpoint researched paper read the entire Sonoma West article. El Molino, Analy Softballers set to spelling margaret atwood open Sonoma County League campaign. El Molino’s Keith Baker Stars in “Of Mice and Men” February 25, 2014. El Molino ag team victorious in paper, annual pruning contest. El Molino’s FFA club was the highest scoring FFA team in this year’s Youth Grapevine Pruning Contest at SRJC’s Shone Farm, reported the Sonoma-Marin Farm News . Levi DeCarly and Jordan Dutton were among the top individual winners.

William Hamilton was one of the highest scorers in the annual Viticulture Challenge, which tests a student’s viticulture knowledge. Also performing well in the contests were Aleyah Banuelos and how to a football scouting, Jake Dutton, said El Molino’s ag teacher Marilee Mazur. The Sonoma County Winegrape Commission sponsored the paper, event. February 24, 2014. El Molino grad’s “Radioactive” wins Grammy. Ben McKee, Class of 2003, and how to write a football scouting, his Imagine Dragons band just performed on mla powerpoint researched paper Saturday Night Live after scoring the Grammy for Best Rock Performance for their worldwide hit single, “Radioactive.” That song overtook Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” to become the best-selling rock song in digital history. February 13, 2014. El Molino’s Wrestling squad light in number, but not effort. El Molino High School has the smallest enrollment among the seven schools in the Sonoma County League. Write A Business. That fact contributes mightily to the biggest obstacle wrestling coach Bill Borges faces — trying to fill every weight class. The talent is there, however, as showed most recently in the Lions’ 50-27 dual-meet victory against Petaluma on mla powerpoint researched Tuesday.

February 13, 2014. No one will accuse Maria Membrila of leadership school reflective, being shy. The El Molino High School senior is described as a leader, focused, determined and engaged. January 30, 2014. El Molino theater arts presents ‘You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown’ After countless hours of preparation, El Molino High School theater arts students hit the Cafe Theater stage with the musical “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown!” last week, with three more performances taking place this weekend. “Everyone loves the Peanuts gang and the music is mla powerpoint paper wonderful,” said Director and theater arts instructor, Ginger Riley about the show. January 29, 2014. Influenza is in our community and will likely continue for recent papers on solar energy several months. Influenza can be a very serious illness. Because the researched paper, Flue can be easily spread from person to in english person, we are asking your assistance to help control the flu.

January 28, 2014. El Molino Plants a Rose for Nacho. Ignacio Martinez, known as “Nacho” to his friends, El Molino’s long-time grounds keeper, made El Molino’s campus beautiful for the school community for nearly 20 years. Researched Paper. Nacho, who retired in 2012, recently passed away after a long fight with Leukemia. On Saturday January 25th, a Lincoln Rose was planted in write report layout, El Molino High School’s Memorial Rose Garden in mla powerpoint paper, his memory. Walt Gentry, El Molino’s current grounds keeper, planted the Lincoln Rose in the presence of Nacho’s family and a number El Molino staff members. School Reflective Essay. Nacho loved Roses and researched, the Lincoln was his favorite. January 23, 2014. Twenty-three students at El Molino High School earned a perfect 4.0 grade point average in the fall semester, El Molino officials said. A total of how to write a football scouting report, 281 students made the researched, Honor Roll, which includes students who received at spelling least a 3.0 or “B” average. “Each of the paper, students earning recognition on the Honor Roll has achieved scholastic distinction and should be commended for the effort and diligence that led to academic success,” said Principal Doria Trombetta. January 21, 2014.

El Molino High School fights declining enrollment. Supporters of El Molino High School in Forestville are continuing their drive to stop declining enrollment and develop a turnaround strategy to draw students to the Covey Road campus. A community meeting Wednesday night (1/15/14) to spelling discuss strategies drew about 100 people to researched paper the campus library where supporters suggested creating magnet science, arts or agriculture programs, bolstering public outreach and bringing community members to campus in mentor and support functions. January 21, 2014. Rachel Companey, September, 2013. Cody Garner, October, 2013.

Sierra McLarty, November, 2013. Ivet Zamora, December, 2013. January 15, 2014. Special Board Meeting January 15 at 6:30pm. There is a business a Special Meeting of the WSCUHSD Board of Trustees Wednesday, January 15th at 6:30 p.m. in the El Molino library seeking community input to develop strategies to stabilize enrollment at paper El Molino. A Business Layout. Come to share your ideas and be part of mla powerpoint, keeping our school strong!

December 21, 2013. El Molino’s Valerie LaForge ready for airman leadership reflective next challenge. Valerie LaForge signed an researched Athletic Award Scholarship Agreement to play soccer at photons photsynthesis St. Researched Paper. Mary’s College. Val will leave Jan. 5 for report the Moraga campus. By doing so, LaForge will bypass the second half of her senior year at El Molino. LaForge’s decision is an uncommon one.

December 18, 2013. Forty-two El Molino Athletes Honored for Fall Sports Excellence. Athletic Director Mike Roan has announced the fall 2013 sports awards winners. Mla Powerpoint Paper. Heart of the atwood, Lion awards – given to players who earn the respect of their teammates, coaches, and opponents by displaying spirit, pride, integrity, and sportsmanship throughout the researched paper, season – went to Brady Lane and Sam Kang for cross country, Michael Sturgeon for varsity football, Charlie Lambert for teachers day essay junior varsity football, Jacob Colbert for boys’ varsity soccer, Aubrey Mikus for boys’ junior varsity soccer, Victoria Sprague for girls’ varsity golf, Jocelyne Santibanez for girls’ varsity soccer, Emily Eck for girls’ junior varsity soccer, and Emma Zeigler for girls’ varsity tennis. December 7, 2013. El Molino High School Fall 2013 Scholar-Athletes. El Molino High School Athletic Director Mike Roan has announced the scholar-athletes for the fall sports season. An athlete must achieve a 3.5 grade point average, or the equivalent in advanced placement classes, to mla powerpoint achieve the scholar-athlete designation.

The teams with the spelling atwood, highest overall grade point average were Boys Cross Country at mla powerpoint researched 3.47 and Varsity Girls Soccer at energy 3.33. December 5, 2013. El Molino students chosen for leadership project. December 5, 2013. Running Lions to compete at NCS Cross-Country Championships. El Molino junior Brady Lane and freshman teammate Brian Schulz etched their names in the school history books on researched Saturday, logging a pair of recent, qualifying performances in the North Coast Section Division-4 Cross-Country Championships to mla powerpoint punch their tickets to the State meet. November 13, 2013. Cultivating leadership through forensics at El Molino. “Speech is becoming even more important than ever with the new Common Core Standards and teachers day essay in english, new assessment tools being formulated,” El Molino English, theater arts and forensics instructor, Ginger Riley said. “Speaking skills are vitally important in paper, every walk of life no matter what career you choose and becoming a confident speaker at an early age is a definite asset.” November 6, 2013.

WSCUHSD to spelling atwood essay sell bond for major projects. The West Sonoma County Union High School District board has decided to sell another general obligation bond — in the amount of $8 million — sooner rather than later. In doing so, the district will be able to mla powerpoint researched paper accelerate the essay, timeline for completing planned facility improvements at El Molino and Analy. November 2, 2013. Speech Team Strikes Gold at Tournament.

Congratulations to the El Molino Speech team for their great showing at mla powerpoint researched paper the Golden Gate Speech Association Tournament at Pinole Valley High. Teachers Day Essay In English. Emma Leahy won first place in mla powerpoint paper, Novice Thematic Interpretation. Olivia Yeates accumulated enough points to become a Member of Merit in the National Forensic League and Grace Kan competed in recent, Oratorical Interpretation. October 31, 2013. Principal Doria Trombetta and Vice-Principal Matt Dunkle participate in mla powerpoint paper, Halloween. Photons During Photsynthesis. This year the entire office staff dressed up as Cowboys and mla powerpoint researched, Cowgirls. October 16, 2013.

El Molino to kick off 50th anniversary with barbecue, floats at Homecoming game. October 16, 2013. El Molino High ag students harvest their grape crop. El Molino High School’s viticulture students helped bring in about three tons of pinot noir grapes from the school’s one-acre vineyard on Anderson Road, school backers said. – Extra Credit, The Press Democrat. October 13, 2013.

Megan Cheatham crowned homecoming queen. October 11, 2013. What do you suppose all those El Molino High ag students were doing the atwood, other day in the fruit-laden old organic apple orchard across Covey Road from the school? They picked their hearts out researched, as part of a special day’s focus on a business the bittersweet history of the west county’s apple industry and how the mla powerpoint researched paper, 90-year-old Manzana Products processing plant has survived. Papers On Solar. – The Press Democrat. Story appeared Oct. 6. El Molino celebrating its golden jubilee. Lions netters turn back Tigers in mla powerpoint researched, four sets.

“I’m not quite sure what to say about the match except that it was awesome,” a jubilant El Mo coach Jaime Hamilton said. “ El Molino taps Nordby, Franceschi to join varsity coaching ranks. The El Molino Athletic Department announced the hiring of two new varsity coaches last week, tapping local veterans Keith Nordby and Tony Franceschi. Nordby, a longtime assistant coach and recent on solar energy, fixture in several sports, takes over the girls basketball program from former head coach Melissa Jones. Franceschi also has deep roots in the community, as an El Mo alum and veteran baseball coach at the frosh, JV and varsity levels, taking the reigns from former head coach Brian Houghtelling. His leg’s healing but that is not what former El Molino High football player Brent Rivera and his mom, Christina, most want people to mla powerpoint researched paper know. Report. They’ve been utterly overwhelmed by the kindness that’s flowed to mla powerpoint paper them since Brent, 16, suffered two serious fractures to his left leg in El Mo’s Sept. 6 game against Justin-Siena. – The Press Democrat. El Molino High 50th Anniversary Celebration. El Molino High School is inviting the recent papers on solar energy, community to celebrate its 50th year with a kick-off BBQ at Homecoming Friday, Oct. 11, and a gala party at Shone Farm May 10. Save the dates. Mla Powerpoint. – Sonoma County Gazette.

The 2013 harvest at El Molino High School. It’s harvest time at El Molino High School, as viticulture students help bring in about three tons of pinot noir grapes from the school’s one-acre vineyard on Anderson Road adjacent to the Forestville school. Pictured are Janet Kracker and Madera Miles, checking vines earlier in teachers, the year. – Sonoma County Gazette. El Molino High School is inviting the paper, community to teachers celebrate its 50th year with a kick-off BBQ at Homecoming Friday, Oct. 11, and a gala party at Shone Farm May 10. “Everyone in the west county has seen El Molino progress through the mla powerpoint researched paper, years, and they’re just as much a part of our school as our students are,” said senior Issabella Negri of write scouting report, Santa Rosa, who is co-president of the student body with senior Casey Bauer of mla powerpoint researched, Sebastopol. Click here to see press release.

El Molino girls’ volleyball wins Apple Game. On September 26th El Molino girls’ volleyball team took The Apple from how to a business, Analy in a thrilling finish. September 28, 2013. Dance Company to perform at mla powerpoint researched paper Spreckels’ The El Molino Dance Company will perform this Saturday night, Sept. 28, at Spreckel’s Theater in recent on solar, Rohnert Park at 7:30 p.m. They will be part of the North Bay Dance Festival put on by Studio Gray in Santa Rosa. Advance tickets are available at paper the Spreckel’s Box Office for $15, and airman essay, tickets at the door are $20. Come and support your talented Dance Company in their first formal performance of the paper, year. During Photsynthesis. See director Colleen Pettis or any El Molino Dance Company member if you have any questions. (Mark Ballard Photo) September 28, 2013.

As you can see, our new website is up. It is far from complete, however. You will notice some “LATIN” place holder text, some “coming soon” pages, and some links that don’t yet work. Please be patient while we complete the work. Our Digital Marketing class will begin the big job of completing the work soon. Paper. Stop back often and watch it evolve.

September 25, 2013. Palm Drive Hospital is teachers day essay offering a FREE Sports Medicine clinic for injured athletes every Saturday morning from 7-8 am. Please take advantage of this opportunity to have injuries diagnosed and rehabilitated. Paper. Click here for a parent consent form. September 6, 2013. New teacher, new vision for El Molino ag. New ag science and margaret, viticulture teacher Marilee Mazur is well underway after jumping right in to help Forestville FFA members show at summer fairs. “I already feel like they are my kids, and I want them to excel,” she told the Sonoma-Marin Farm News for its August issue.

Mazur grew up in Martinez and is a 2011 graduate of mla powerpoint researched paper, Cal Poly SLO in agricultural science and agribusiness. She’s got plans for us! September 6, 2013. Two exciting new classes that teach real-life skills debuted this semester: Project Make and Digital Marketing. Project Make, taught by science teacher Mary Beth Smith, is a high-tech shop class where kids learn by recent papers on solar energy, making.

In Digital Marketing with media teacher Seth Friesen, students learn to develop content for the web, including this site. September 6, 2013. Bass player Ben McKee, El Molino class of researched paper, 2003, and his wildly popular rock band Imagine Dragons played at ATT Park in teachers in english, San Francisco Wednesday, August 28. The stop is part of a worldwide tour for the group made famous by such popular hits as “Radioactive,” “It’s Time” and mla powerpoint researched paper, “On Top of the World.” McKee is from a football, Forestville. El Molino Wrestling: Congratulations All-Stater, Taryn Christiansen. Taryn medaled at the state wrestling tournament – the first El Molino wrestler to mla powerpoint accomplish this feat.

Please click here to learn more about Taryn Christiansen and his commitment to El Molino Wrestling. Nice work, Taryn. Great job to all El Molino wrestlers. Go Lions! 7050 Covey Rd., Forestville, CA 95436.

NOTICE OF NON-DISCRIMINATION. West Sonoma County Union High School District policy prohibits discrimination and/or harassment of students, employees and job applicants at any district site or activity on the basis of actual or perceived race, color, national origin, ancestry, ethnic group identification, medical condition, genetic condition, genetic information, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sex, sexual orientation, age, political affiliation, organizational affiliation, veteran status, marital status, or parental status. Please direct inquires regarding the District’s non-discrimination policies to teachers in english any school or district administrator. Powered by El Molino Students. Lion Lines is an informative look at mla powerpoint researched paper the great work our El Molino students do at school, in the community, and beyond.

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Essay on Education in Great Britain. Education is a highly topical issue in Britain since it affects nearly everybody. Everyone has at one stage of their lives attended school and researched after all it is spelling essay, there where people acquired their first long-time friends, developed their social personalities and researched gained a lasting sense of a communal identity. Governments both Labour and Conservative have always influenced the education system according to their believes and during so the discussion around that controversial topic 'education' never finds an end. In this essay I want to briefly characterise the researched paper, British school system and explain its historic development. How To Scouting Report. By pointing out the most important innovations and achievements I try to make clear how this system changed and what impact this had on the present situation. A look into the future of British education will conclude my essay. Schooling in Great Britain has evolved over time as a result of both state and private systems. The state offers primary and secondary education for ages five to eleven or eleven to eighteen respectively. A few middle schools for children aged ten to thirteen and researched paper some 'special schools' for leadership school essay pupils with learning difficulties round off the state system.

State schools in Britain are non-denominational. Of the state-supported schools with a religious affiliation the paper, majority are Anglican, but other denominations of schools exist, mainly Roman Catholic and Jewish. Their capital expenditure is covered by the state and their running expenses are paid by the members of the recent papers on solar, referent congregations. The private sector, for the people who can afford it, offers education for the same age groups as the state system in the 'prepatory schools' from the age of five and the 'public schools' from the age of paper, thirteen. The misleading term 'public schools' originally referred to a grammar school endowed for the public but is nowadays used for private secondary schools like Eton, Harrow or Winchester which are still open for the public but of course only for that part of the public that can afford the relatively high school fees. Under the reign of the Tudors the first attempts were made to introduce a school system in England; the monarchs covered the land with grammar schools. Before that, only church cared about education in their cathedral and Protestant schools as education was not regarded as a prior duty of state.

The situation, however, did not much improve because of the Tudors' innovations; schools were unevenly spread over the country and their presence often depended less on need in the locality than on the fortuitous piety of some local grandee. There was no assumption that every town should have a grammar school or that every village should have an spelling elementary school. Furthermore, it was never assumed that every child should attend any educational institution at any time in their lives. While for a minority of middle-class and upper-class families adequate education was normally provided within the families, literacy had to be bought elsewhere by the majority of the population. Mla Powerpoint Paper. By the beginning of the photons photsynthesis, nineteenth century a vast number of private establishments were founded which spread basic literacy and mla powerpoint paper numeracy among a great number of the population. Many of the papers on solar, old-established grammar schools began to be refurbished by enterprising headmasters who dropped the schools' local connections in order to attract a clientele from all over the country. Mla Powerpoint Paper. Some of them were superbly endowed and offered good education but only for the highest levels of society that could pay for their children's education. Not even by 1830, when finally the first state subsidies for elementary education were paid, any part of the in english, British Isles could be said to paper have an adequate system even of part-time state education of how to a business report, a type that had already been established in most Western European countries. Schooling was to be understood in a very limited sense: many of the children attended school only for certain hours on certain days and there was not at all that commitment to paper a single institution which has characterised schooling in recent years. The British government was very much involved in papers, the adoption of European models for new state-subsidised schooling throughout the British Isles.

The Elementary Education Act of 1870 then extended the mla powerpoint researched paper, class-divided system through the teachers day essay, creation of School Boards. Yet, the progress was slow as only elementary education was supervised by the governmental boards. Furthermore, schooling was still organised largely on lines of social class - the elementary schools were intended primarily for the working classes and the secondary schools for the middle classes. Many rich families chose to educate their children privately at home rather than sending them to a state-school which they regarded as not good enough for them. As a result of the desire for mla powerpoint researched more equality the 1902 Education Act replaced the airman leadership, old smaller school boards by new local authorities which were enabled to develop grammar schools of their own and to fund able working-class pupils according to the 'Free Place Regulations'. Mla Powerpoint Researched. Yet, the intended educational ladder for every gifted child was in most cases only illusionary since the regulations provided only free tuition. The other costs of atwood, books or the researched paper, school uniform had to be met by the families who very often refused sending their children, who they needed as a workforce, to how to write a football scouting report secondary schools. In the 1920ies, the mla powerpoint researched paper, Labour party started a number of day essay in english, campaigns in order to achieve more equality in the education system. The percentage of free places in secondary schools was increased from 25 to 40 for the able few and mla powerpoint paper part-time continuation schooling to the age of eighteen for the majority was introduced.

Secondary schooling was made more attractive to working class students through the provision of variation in the type of secondary schools. The motto 'Selection by elimination' which stands for a class-based system was replaced by the motto 'Selection by how to a football scouting discrimination' when in 1922 the paper, 'eleven-plus examination' was introduced. Pupils would be examined at the age of eleven as a means of discovering their aptitudes and how to write a business abilities. The eleven-plus examination, based on studies on child psychology about adolescence, was the transitional break between primary and secondary education. Those who passed the test at the end of mla powerpoint, primary school had their fees paid at the local grammar school, those who could not gain high marks in photsynthesis, the examination or could not pay the fee were excluded from grammar school and researched paper had to attend secondary modern school. Children who were not successful in the test were very often labelled 'failures' at the age of teachers day essay in english, eleven which led to a loss of mla powerpoint paper, ambition, achievement and self-esteem. Although the eleven-plus examination was very controversial, the discussion in the pre- and interwar years centred mainly around the recent, school-leaving age and so this practice was carried on for a number of years. With a lot of idealism and optimism the 1944 Education Act finally introduced free secondary education for all within a reorganised education structure of continuous stages.

Still, the places in grammar school were fiercely embattled by working-class children. According to the belief that education should serve as preparation for work parental pressure demanded the increase in grammar school places with their access to researched paper administrative professions and Britain mainly turned away from technical schools. At the same time, the image of the secondary modern school, where the children of non-manual workers were much under-represented and the children of a business report layout, manual and workers over-represented, had to be reinforced. The support for a national system of comprehensive schools as a means of ending the class-based tripartite system grew. 'Multilateral schools' was the new magic word which should solve all the problems in secondary education at once.

These schools, intended to cater for the secondary education of all the children in a given area, including the three main elements of secondary education, that is modern, technical and grammar, should create for the first time the common social and cultural background that is the basis of a democratic community. With the researched paper, fall of the Labour Government in 1951, the common school issue began to scouting emerge as a matter which divided the political parties. No agreement was achieved until in 1964 Labour returned to office. Researched Paper. Three kinds of leadership reflective, arguments were then advanced in support of a national system of comprehensive schools. Firstly, selection at the age of eleven was regarded as socially unjust in the sense that it discriminated against slow developers. Secondly, one believed that a common school would reduce the sense of social division and increase the sense of social cohesion. Thirdly, it was stressed that the nation's economy would benefit from the improved understanding and mla powerpoint communication between classes.

Despite support for a mixed system, the move towards a national system of comprehensive schools made headway. This is due to a wide range of how to scouting report, people, not only Labour party voters, supporting the vague idea of more educational opportunity as they believed in a better society based upon mla powerpoint researched equal value and a common culture. Pupils of different capabilities should share the same classroom in the belief that the bright would help the weak and that social development would improve. Although the short-lived 1976 Education Act introduced a common system of leadership school reflective, comprehensive schools, a common culture could only have been achieved in theory since the mla powerpoint researched paper, differences of the selective system were often preserved in the first generation of common schools, and even later. The whole system was not well enough thought out as the selective, fee-charging grammar schools which received their grants directly from photsynthesis, central government were left in an extremely vulnerable position.

They were a thorn in many people's side because of their exclusivity and were given the choice of either going comprehensive or forgoing State aid and becoming fully independent. Mla Powerpoint Researched. Schools were put under pressure and urged to enter the maintained system. Only the 1988 Education Act brought some relaxation as it reintroduced direct-grant schools in a modified form. The 1988 Education Act was the last major reformation of the school system in photons during photsynthesis, the last years. It was introduced under a Conservative government and includes a number of innovations. The most important one is mla powerpoint, without a doubt the introduction of a basic curriculum, the National curriculum, which all schools have to implement. It contains three core subjects, mathematics, English and airman science, and seven foundation subjects which must be taught. Parents should be given the maximum information about the researched, programmes their children are following, and regular reports on their progress. Airman Leadership School. Therefore a scheme consisting of a formative assessment drawing heavily on teachers' observations and paper of standardised assessment tasks which ought to be taken at school reflective ages seven, eleven and mla powerpoint researched fourteen was set up. The assessment of the various components would then be put together to form the complete assessment of the pupil's progress.

The major public exams are the General Certificate in recent energy, Secondary Education (GCSE) at mla powerpoint researched age sixteen and Advanced (A-Levels) at age eighteen enabling school-leavers to go to university. About 23 per spelling margaret, cent of the pupils usually become students at universities and colleges. Along with the government's radical economic policies after a deeply depressing period of economic decline structural reforms that would increase parental choice and make the mla powerpoint, education system respond to the principle of competition and market forces were taken up. Periodically, league tables of write, schools' performances were published to encourage competition among schools. By education vouchers which parents could exchange for free education at any school of their choice, the power of paper, decision-making was put in the hand of the consumer. Apart from write a football report, that, teacher training was overhauled, and a new teachers' contract as well as an appraisal scheme for researched teachers were introduced. The structure of institutions which have been set up and which have evolved since the end of World War II were radically torn down. Nowadays it is again Labour that is in power. Today's prime minister Tony Blair has very much stressed the issue of education in his 1996 election campaign but Britain still waits for the promised innovations to come.

Quite a number of problems are still unsolved. There is, for instance, the need for a broader curriculum than the National curriculum which became increasingly costly to maintain and which neither satisfies head teachers nor parents. Stressing the so-called 'useful subjects' as it is done in the current curriculum is write a football report, not necessarily the best thing to do since it very likely leads to a decline in the love of poetry, drama, literature, music and the arts. In view of the many examinations and researched tests English children have to how to write a business layout take during their school careers a lot of people fear that the whole education process could become mechanical and sterile. It will be very important to return to schools some of the power they had at the beginning of the State secondary education. Headmasters are more and more becoming school managers rather than pedagogical directors.

The head teachers of the nineties will need to mla powerpoint researched paper develop the powers of a businessperson, those of communication, publicity and persuasion. It is true that Public schools and fee-charging private schools are now respected in some way by the 1988 Education Act but they still do not have an adequate place within the education system. To find a way to fully integrate these institutions into the school system is also a very important task to be fulfilled within the next years. Teachers are highly dissatisfied over their working conditions and the non-recognition of the various duties they fulfil. Valuing education means valuing teachers, union leaders demand. If the a business, quality of education is to be raised, concerned teachers say, then both physical and human resources must be given to researched it.

Since Great Britain spends a lower proportion of its national income on education than do most of its developed neighbours reforms here are absolutely necessary. Without a doubt a lot of things have changed since the introduction of the first schools about 500 years ago, some for during the worse, most of them for mla powerpoint paper the better. Yet, since education is very important for a country's character and development it ought to be developed further and must not be neglected by all the people aiming at a 'new Britain'. They should not forget the educational side when introducing reforms and innovations because in the end it is all about educating our children, that is a business report layout, educating our future. Bell, Robert and researched paper Nigel Grant, Patterns Of Education On The British Isles. London 1977. Brooks, Ron, Contemporary Debates In Education: An Historical Perspective. London 1991.

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